Weekly Devotional, May 15, 2016

Week of May 15, 2016

Monday: As we begin the liturgical season of

Pentecost, we look at the birth of the church in the Book of Acts.

Read Acts 2: 1-4

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. What does it mean for the fire to come in “divided tongues”?

2. Have you ever had the experience of hearing

     something translated into multiple languages? Did the meaning of the words change?

Prayer focus

Creator of all life, help us appreciate the diverse expressions of your love.


Tuesday: In our own language

Read Acts 2: 5-8

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. Have you ever been in place where most people did not speak your first language? What did it feel like when you found someone with whom you could speak?

2. Try to imagine being in the United States, and

     unable to speak English. How might this explain the sometime insular nature of immigrant communities?

Prayer focus

God of all people, help us grow in compassion for the immigrants in our midst.


Wednesday: God’s deeds of power

Read Acts 2: 8-11

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. The last time a crowd spoke of “God’s deeds of power” was Palm Sunday – just 57 days before Pentecost. What might it have been like for the followers of Jesus (for whom so much had changed) to live in a world that was very much the same as it had been 57 days before?

2. Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt as though everything had been turned upside down, but the world went along as usual? How did you experience God (or the absence of God) in that moment?

Prayer focus

Lord of constant love, teach us how to face change with grace.


Thursday: Filled with new wine?

Read Acts 2: 12-13

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. What does it mean for “all” to be amazed, but then “others” sneered? Are the “others” included with the “all”?

2. Has there ever been a time when something has surprised you, but instead of greeting it with delight and openness, you responded with cynicism?

Prayer focus

Spirit of Openness, wipe the jadedness from our hearts, and open us to all the new possibilities you are creating.


Friday: Signs on the earth below

Read Acts 2: 14-21

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. Do you find Peter’s prophecy to be “great and glorious”? Or a bit terrifying? Both?

2. Has there ever been anything in your life that you have anticipated and hoped for, but also feared?

Prayer focus

Great Redeemer, teach us to call on you, that we might be released from fear.

Small Group Format


Introductions/getting acquainted

Opening Prayer

Song (optional)

Reflection on the weekly Scripture readings

Have someone read Acts 2: 1-4

Discuss observations about the text

What word or phrase strikes you the most?

What do you think is the most important point of the text?

Summarize the Sunday message and its connection to this text.

Use some of the daily questions for discussion in the devotional.

Choose another day to read a different text and discuss the


Share your faith (in groups of 3)

How have you experienced God recently in your life?

(this will be a weekly question – it may be difficult to answer at first, but if you ask it each week, you may start to notice God more in your life)

Pray for each other

Refreshments (optional)


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