United Methodist Women, May 9, 2017

May 9th, 2017 - Executive Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at about 9:50 am by Mere Ponijiasi with updates on our shut-ins and others.  We all read the Purpose of UMW and Mere Nabou gave a devotion.

Members present:  Mere Ponijiasi, Mere Nabou, Claudia Ward, Dian Jorgensen, Barbara Wofford, Judy Finley, Peg Ferrel, Nancy Messinger, Lucinda Brashares, Jane Hollar, Carol Lindstadt, Evelyn Schlager, Wilma Chandler, and Charlene Simons.

Minutes of April meeting: Jane moved and Claudia seconded and all approved of the April meeting Minutes.

Communications:  Mere P. shared donation request letters from the YWCA and the Women’s Recovery Services.  Both organizations are already on our local mission list.  We also received the monthly Council on Aging’s Sonoma Seniors Today news publication.

Jane gave Mere P. a CD of photos she had taken at last month’s Spring Fling.

Mere P. also passed out the May 2017 Response magazines to the circle leaders.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peg had prepared copies of the financial report for April 2017 and handed these out and reviewed and explained the updates shown in the report:

          - The Member Pledges Income of $245 came in from individual pledges.

          - The Miscel. Mission Income of $190 came in from Ruth Circle’s collection for their monthly special project, which is the FUMC Youth Ministries for this month.

          - The Spring Fling Income of $1,530 came in from ticket sales, though there might be a few straight donations in there too.

          TOTAL INCOME for April 2017 = $1,965.00

          - The Miscel. Mission Expense of $190 went to FUMC Youth Ministries from Ruth Circle.

          - The Spring Fling Expense of $50 went to pay Jerold Hillstrom for washing the dishes.

          TOTAL EXPENSE for April 2017 = $240.00

          - The Total Assets at the end of April were $6,157.04.  This includes $1,900 that is set aside for Assembly.

          - The Report was approved unanimously.

It came to our attention that Mere P. had bought the flowers used for the program at the Spring Fling at a cost of $54.  We all agreed to reimburse Mere P. the $54 (over her objections.)

We all agreed to continue to pay for the 5 Response magazine subscriptions that we currently cover for the 5 UMW Circles.

Old Business : Evaluation

• Spring Fling - Saturday, April 29th - The event was a great success and people of all ages attended and worked it.  More than 100 people attended.  Everyone followed through with their responsibilities and the event ran smoothly.  The set-up on the stage with Vika and her microphone worked well.  There was a very nice selection and variety of Silent Auction items.  Elizabeth said that the Children’s Commission met their goal and Peg noted that there was more than $700 worth of charges made with credit cards for the Silent Auction, and that was just the credit card charges.  Elizabeth also said she enjoyed working with the UMW on this joint event.  Elizabeth also has offered to write up a blurb for the Roseleaf.  Peg will let her know that we are happy for her to write up the blurb.

Peg added that the income from ticket sales & donations was about $1,600 and that our expenses will end up being about $600.  So, our net profit will end up being about $1,000. which is just a bit more than we had budgeted and hoped for.  Marty Wait cooked for ~ 120 people.  Peg noted that we saved money by setting up and taking down ourselves.

• Bridges District Conference - May 6th, at Pinole UMC.  No report; no one went from here.

New Business : Update

• Charge Conference & Church Council Meeting - Saturday, May 13th, 9am, McMullin Room.

• Mother’s Day - Sunday, May 14th.  Mere P. noted that the Fijian women will lead the FLM service on Sunday.  Someone shared that in the past there had been a very nice Un-Mother’s Day pot-luck luncheon at someone’s home to celebrate women who were either not mothers or mothers with children that lived too far away.  Maybe this is something to do in the future?

• UMW Breakfast at Annual Conference - June 24th, in Belmont.  At the same location as last year:  The Tongan UMC in San Carlos.  Paul Jeffrey will be the guest speaker.  Mere P. and Litia  Veisa might go to this early morning breakfast.  Any others?    

• Vacation Bible School - Tuesday - Friday, June 27th - 30th, at Stony Point campus.  We are being asked to supply the much appreciated lunches for the workers and their children.

          - Lunch consists of:  sandwiches in individual sandwich bags, fruit, veggie tray, chips, & cookies/brownies for about 50 people, to arrive by 11:30 am at the Giffen House.  We have money to reimburse for costs.

          - Peg will check with Elizabeth about any update in numbers and report to us at our June meeting.

          - The Circle leaders decided on the following:  Ruth Circle will cover Tuesday; Naomi Circle will cover Wednesday; Anna Circle will cover Thursday; and the FLM will cover Friday.

• Luau - Saturday, July 29th - The FLM is coordinating this event.

          - Tickets will be $15 each.  Tickets will go on sale starting July 9th.  Sales will continue on July 16th & 23rd.  Diane Jackson will make the tickets.  Peg & Carol will coordinate the ticket sales at Stony Point campus.

          - The Circles will bring in salads for the lunch as in the past:  Anna Circle will cover fruit salad; Naomi Circle will cover coleslaw; Ruth Circle will cover green salad; and Mary’s Friendship Circle will cover potato salad.

          - We will ask Diane Jackson to make her upside-down pineapple cake dessert.

          - At our June meeting we will discuss what else we can do to help and we will assign ticket sales volunteers.

Officer Reports

• President - Mere Ponijiasi - No additional report.

Vice President/Program Chair - Nancy Messinger - Nancy says “thank you!” to all who helped with and worked on and at the Spring Fling.

• Treasurer - Peg Ferrel - Peg noted that last year the UMW gave $1,000 to the FUMC operating budget during the Spring Campaign.  She asked if we can give something again this year for the operating budget of our church.  After much discussion Mere N. moved to close the discussion and to give $1,000 again this year.  Claudia seconded.  The majority of the board voted to approve a $1,000 gift to the operating budget of the FUMC Santa Rosa.

• Membership/Nurture & Outreach - Nadine Amoss - Absent.

• Program Resources - Judy Finley - No report.

• Publicity - Lynn Finberg - Absent.

• Spiritual Growth - Mere Nabou - Mere reminded us to stop and pray together, where ever you are, every day at 12 noon.  She asks us to recognize our strength in prayer and to pray for the world and each other.

• Social Action/Concerns - Barbara Wofford - Barbara reported that she receives action alerts and shared the latest alert regarding the latest healthcare legislation.  She checked and recommended using The League of Women Voters’ website’s resources.  Barbara has also attended a local Center for Climate Protection informational meeting.  This is another valuable resource.  The next informational meetings are 5/17 and 6/21.  If you are interested, contact Barbara.

• Mission Education/Interpretation - Lucinda Brashares - Lucinda shared parts of the latest Response magazine, especially the photo essay by Paul Jeffrey:  Mission on the Border.

• Nomination Committee - Diane Jackson - Absent.

• Sunshine - Sofia Williams - Absent.  Dian will take the Sunshine List to Sofia.

• Snowflake Bazaar - No report.

Circle Chairpersons:

• Anna - Jane Hollar - In May Lucinda Brashares will lead the program.

• Mary’s Friendship - Carol Lindstadt - They will not meet in June due to VBS.

• Naomi - Dian Jorgensen - On Wednesday, May 17th at 9:45 am, they will have a tour of The Living Room.

Ruth - Claudia Ward -  They will/did not meet in May.  In June they will meet at Jeanette Kemmerer’s home.

• Fijian Language Ministry - R/T Litia Veisa/Laijipa Ratumuri - The FLM women continue to meet.

Other Business:

• Claudia shared about the Oliver’s Community Card & encouraged us to sign up to raise money for F.I.S.H.  So, check it out on-line, or sign up the next time you shop at Oliver’s Market.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon with a prayer by Evelyn.

Next board meeting:  June 13th, 2017, at 9:30 am.


Respectfully submitted,                                                        Charlene Simons, Secretary

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