United Methodist Women, April 11, 2017

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April 11th, 2017 - Executive Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at about 9:35 am by Mere Ponijiasi with updates on our shut-ins and others.  We all read the Purpose of UMW and Diane Jackson gave a devotion.

Members present:  Mere Ponijiasi, Claudia Ward, Diane Jackson, Dian Jorgensen, Barbara Wofford, Judy Finley, Peg Ferrel, Nancy Messinger, Lucinda Brashares, Nadine Amoss, Litia Veisa, Carol Lindstadt, Evelyn Schlager, Mere Nabou, and Charlene Simons.

Minutes of March meeting: Diane moved and Mere N. seconded and all approved of the March meeting Minutes, with the note that The Legacy Fund donation of $200 actually went into the Miscel. Mission Expense, not the Miscel./Contingency Expense.

Communications:  Mere P. shared a thank you note from the YWCA and an invitation to the Investiture of the 7th President of SSU, Judy K. Sakaki, to be held April 20, 2017.

Mere P. also passed out the April 2017 Response magazines to the circle leaders.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peg had prepared copies of the financial report for March 2017 and handed these out and reviewed and explained the updates shown in the report:

          - The Member Pledges Income of $745 came in from individual pledges & FLM.

          - The Miscel. Mission Income of $452 came in from Ruth Circle’s collection for their monthly special project ($170) and from World Day of Prayer offerings ($282).

          - The Snowflake Bazaar Income of $35 came in from a commissioned mosaic piece.

          - The World Thank Offering/Call to Prayer services brought in $120.60

          TOTAL INCOME for March 2017 = $1,352.60

          - The Miscel. Mission Expense of $652 went to:  Meals on Wheels ($170) from Ruth Circle; World Day of Prayer ($282); and the UMW Legacy Fund ($200).

          - The Programs Expense of $20 went to pay for the World Day of Prayer materials.

          TOTAL EXPENSE for March 2017 = $672.00

          - The Total Assets at the end of March were $4,432.04.  This includes $1,900 that is set aside for Assembly.

          - The Report was approved unanimously.


Old Business : Evaluation

• See Update on Spring Fling under New Business


New Business : Update

• Update on Spring Fling - “Spring ~ Fling into Flowers” - Saturday, April 29th, start at 11:30 am, Fields Fellowship Hall, Montgomery Campus.

          - Nancy will be the “keeper of the details” with Diane out of town for the event.

          - 150 tickets have been printed, but only 120 are going out.  The remaining 30 will be used only if they are needed.  Several women have signed out tickets to sell.  There has been some coordination in selling tickets at Stony Point Campus too.

          - Friday will be the day of preparing the flowers.

          - Saturday will be the day to set up the place settings & decorations.

          - Men and children will be servers.

          - Nancy and Holly will be the Masters of Ceremonies.

          - The Florist that will speak is Vika Namuaira.

          - The men will clear the plates, etc., Jerold will wash the dishes, & all will take down.

          - Things still needed:  • More small “fish bowl” style vases by Friday 3 pm;

                    • More people helping on Friday.

                    • Ticket takers at the 2 doors on Saturday.  Nadine & Judy volunteered.

                    • More men servers.

                    • More people to help set up Saturday morning.

          - The lunch will have 3 courses and Marty Wait is in charge of the lunch & dessert.

          - The Children’s Commission is in charge of hors d’oeuvres.

          - This meal is a combination of a High Tea and a Luncheon.

          - Mere N. reported that the Fijian event originally scheduled for April 29th looks to be re-scheduled to the 22nd.  She will confirm with Nancy.

• UMW Breakfast at Annual Conference - June 24th, in Belmont.  Probably at the same location as last year.                        

• Luau - July 29th - Save the Date!

• Bridges District Annual UMW Meeting - September 23rd, in Davis.  Pastor Lindsey has been invited to be the speaker; no response yet.


Officer Reports

• President - Mere Ponijiasi - No additional report.

Vice President/Program Chair - Nancy Messinger - Nancy asks for any and all to help at the various times needed with the Spring Fling.

• Treasurer - Peg Ferrel - No additional report.

• Membership/Nurture & Outreach - Nadine Amoss - Nadine reported that the new 2017 UMW brochures are out in the church.

• Program Resources - Judy Finley - Judy shared Shirley Cheal’s newspaper article referencing An Invisible Thread, by Laura Schroff.  Judy was excited too, because we have this book.

• Publicity - Lynn Finberg - Absent.

• Spiritual Growth - Mere Nabou - Mere reported that she had sent out notices to the Circle leaders asking for all to be in covenant prayer daily at 12 noon.  She asks that we continue with these prayers where ever one is.

• Social Action/Concerns - Barbara Wofford - Barbara reported that she went to Carson City  for a social action event. There were 3 speakers and lots of postcard/letter writing.   The Rev. Sharon Delgado will be speaking about environmental issues on April 20, in Napa at their UMW meeting.

• Mission Education/Interpretation - Lucinda Brashares - Lucinda shared parts of the latest Response magazine, including the photo essay by Paul Jeffrey, and she called our attention to the article regarding Human Trafficking, as well as the article about the CO2 concentrations in the earth’s atmosphere.  She pointed out an article written by Rev. Sharon Delgado.

• Nomination Committee - Diane Jackson - No additional report.

• Sunshine - Sofia Williams - Absent.  Dian will take the Sunshine List to Sofia.

• Snowflake Bazaar - No additional report.


Circle Chairpersons:

• Anna - Jane Hollar - In April Mary Ellen Heising will lead the program.

• Mary’s Friendship - Carol Lindstadt - They are continuing with their fellowship each month.  They have small programs, but the women are all glad to gather.

• Naomi - Dian Jorgensen - In April they will have a program on Alexander Hamilton.

Ruth - Claudia Ward -  In April they met at Marty Wait’s home and each shared about Easter pasts and family traditions.

• Fijian Language Ministry - R/T Litia Veisa/Laijipa Ratumuri - Litia reported that they had a nice children’s program last Sunday.  She is working on a program and thinking about what happens when women pray.  Early April 29th she is leading a prayer exercise walk.


Other Business:

• The FLM met with an Attorney recently and continue to meet with her 1 on 1.


Meeting adjourned by 11:30 am with a prayer by Evelyn.

Next board meeting:  May 9th, 2017, at 9:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,


Charlene Simons, Secretary

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