UMW October 11, 2016

First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            United Methodist Women

October 11th, 2016 - Executive Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at about 9:30 am by Mere Ponijiasi with updates on our shut-ins and others.  We all read the Purpose of UMW and Nancy Messinger gave a Prayer.

Members present:  Mere Ponijiasi, Diane Jackson, Dian Jorgensen, Claudia Ward, Doris Guyon, Carol Lindstadt, Peg Ferrel, Nancy Messinger, Nadine Amoss, Evelyn Schlager, Wilma Chandler, Mere Nabou, and Charlene Simons.

Minutes of September meeting:  With the spelling of the Fijian word for pig corrected to Lovo, Claudia moved and Peg seconded and all approved of the September meeting Minutes.

Communications:  Mere P. read a letter from Sandy Winter about the Winters’ decision to leave FUMC and Sandy’s resignation from the UMW Board.  Charlene, as Secretary, is to send Sandy a card expressing our gratitude for her service with FUMC & UMW and that they will be missed dearly.

Mere P. then passed out the October 2016 Response magazines to the circle leaders.  Mere P. also shared the 2017 UMW Reading Program booklet, and the Council on Aging Sonoma Seniors Today October 2016 issue.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peg had prepared and passed out copies of the financial report for September 2016.  Peg reviewed and explained the updates shown in the report:

          - The Lunch, Dinner, Reception Income of $100 came in from Jean Hart’s family to                     cover our expenses for Jean’s Memorial Service Reception.

          - The Special Memberships Expense of $80 went to pay the District UMW for our two                  Special Memberships for 2017.

          - The Total Assets at the end of September were $2,697.34.  This includes $1,400 that                       is set aside for Assembly.

          - The Report was approved unanimously.

          - Peg said that we are in good shape for the end of the year & for the Snowflake Bazaar.

          - At our November Board meeting we will look at our Budget for 2017.  We need to have        that ready for our December meeting with the whole UMW at the Christmas Pot-luck.           

Old Business 

• Update from the Annual District Celebration - Sept. 24th, Japanese UMC in Sacramento - Mere Nabou attended and reported on how honored she felt of our Santa Rosa UMW and about how many times we were mentioned.  We have done a lot.  Mere N. was very inspired by Rev. Victoria School’s speech “Be All You Can & Do All You Can.”

• Update from the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women - August 29th - Sept. 4th, in Houston, TX.  Mere N. attended and reported.  She was moved by how many women traveled so far to attend this.  She said the National UMW President, Yvette Richards, was there and the speaker from Kenya was very inspirational.


New Business 

CA/NV UMW Leadership Training - Friday, October 14th - here at FUMC Santa Rosa, 2:45 - 9 pm.   About 60 people are expected on Friday for this UMW Officer Training.  They will be using about 10 rooms.  The Fijian women will prepare the dinner.

• Conference UMW Annual Celebration! - Saturday, October 15th - here at FUMC Santa Rosa, 8 am - 3:30 pm.

          - So far only about 60 women are signed up, but we figure that number will go up with                    late sign-ups and walk-ins.  This number does not include any of the several Santa             Rosa women who are signed up to help prepare & serve the lunch, and help over-all.

          - We would pay for & provide childcare, but there are no children signed up.

          - Mike Young will come in to the sanctuary Saturday morning to run the A.V.  The Con                   ference UMW will pay him.

          - Charlene is going to go as a registrant and the board agreed to pay her registration              fee.  Peg prepared a check.

          - Mere P. and Diane encouraged any and all of us to go and attend and/or help out.

Snowflake Bazaar - Saturday, November 19th, from 9 am - 2 pm.  In Field’s Fellowship Hall.

          - In addition to our usual UMW tables there will be:                                                                           • A woman selling several of her own personal creches and donating all the                                   proceeds to the UMW.                                                                                           • Charlene Fogerson selling African items, like she has in the past.                                                 • Note:  Mark Frey does not have the African connections as in the past and so                                     will not be selling African items.

          - Diane will still send out letters to several other local churches.

          - Claudia will get the date on the banners updated and the staff can hang them up.

          - Peg will put together her usual change boxes.

          - The White Elephant sales will still take place.  (Note:  no furniture, no exercise                                      machines, and no 8 feet tall Christmas trees, please.)

          - We will need help on the Sunday after each service to assist with selling the White                          Elephant items.

          - The table cloths that we use on the display tables need a bit of ironing.  We decided                       that each group would be responsible for their table cloths.

          - Announce to the Circles to bring in lemons & persimmons to sell.

          - There will be the take-out Fijian Dinners again.

          - Diane is in charge of the Cookie Walk and we decided that there will be a “cookie                           baking party” on Saturday, Nov. 12th at 1 pm in the large kitchen here.  After                       wards, the women will need to take the cookies home to store in their personal                       freezers until the 19th.

          - Additional details to be worked out at our November Board meeting.


Officer Reports

• Vice President/Program Chair - Nancy Messinger - Nancy reported about the plans so far for the Christmas Pot-luck on Tuesday, December 13th: 

          - Each Circle will decorate and host 2 tables, as in the past.

          - Shall we have the preschool sing again and then Doug A. lead singing?                                                  Possible pianists:  Jenny Jones or Darlene Bradley.

          - Perhaps no music while we eat so we can visit and hear each other.

          - We’ll have a typed-out program on the tables; Diane can make.

          - We still have lots of napkins from last year to use this year.

          - We will use the round tables and seat 7 per table.

          - We will use real dishes; they are much nicer than paper ones.

          - Diane offered to run the dishwasher and also the A.V.

          - We agreed to meet at 9:00 am for our Board Meeting in December so we can set-up                             Field’s Fellowship Hall afterwards.

• Treasurer - Peg Ferrel - No additional report.

• Membership/Nurture & Outreach - Nadine Amoss - No report.

• Program Resources - Bea Harris - Absent.

• Publicity - Judy Finley - Absent.  Judy is updating the bulletin board as needed.

• Spiritual Growth - Sandy Winter - Absent.  We accepted her resignation today.

• Social Action - Maurine Christ - Absent; currently house-bound.

• Mission Education/Interpretation - Evelyn Schlager - Evelyn encourages us to read & share & use the Response publication with our Circles.  She reminded us that Paul Jeffrey will be here at FUMC SR next Tuesday, Oct. 18th, to share about his mission work.

• Nomination Committee - Diane Jackson - Diane reported on the needed replacements to our Board:  Bea Harris, Sandra Winter, & someone to help Evelyn Schlager.  She asked us to think about replacements and to talk with them and/or tell Diane about our suggestions.  Women need to be willing and able to serve.

• Sunshine - Sofia Williams - Absent.  Dian Jorgensen started the Sunshine List and will take it to Sofia.

• Snowflake Bazaar - Mere Nabou/Ponijiasi - No additional report.


Circle Chairpersons:

• Anna - Doris Guyon & Wilma Chandler - In September the program is TBD; cannot remember.  They meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

• Mary’s Friendship - Carol Lindstadt - In October they hope to have Marsha Dupre talk with them about election issues.  They usually meet the 4th Tuesday of the month, but will not meet in November, and will meet the 1st Tuesday in December.

• Naomi - Dian Jorgensen - In October Diane Jackson will talk about the VIM experience.  They meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Ruth - Claudia Ward - Last night 2 women from Voices spoke; they met at Sharon Robison’s home.  In December they will meet at Pat Sanborn’s home.  Through January they are meeting in the evening.  They meet the 2nd Monday of the month.

• Fijian Language Ministry - Luvu Tauyavu/Mere Nabou - They continue to meet, usually on Sundays, and they just finished their Independence Celebration.  They are preparing for Friday’s dinner for the Conference UMW Officer Training.  They will meet on October 29th with the 9 Fijian Churches.  Then on Saturday, December 17th, all 9 Fijian Churches will meet here at FUMC SR.


Other Business:

• Mere N. shared about a meeting with our FUMC members at Paulin Creek (old name) with Pat Sanborn and Rev. Jim Current.  They want to still be connected with us and need rides and the women would very much love to receive the UMW Minutes in their mail.  This includes 6 women at Paulin Creek (old name) and also women at Brookdale on Chanate.  Charlene will look into who lives where and send them copies of the Board Meeting Minutes, Agendas, & Financial Reports.

• Charlene still plans to contact Bill Dornbush about getting the UMW Board Meeting Minutes posted on-line too. (!)

• We discussed the preparations for the reception to follow Florence Harner’s Memorial Service.  The service is Thursday, Oct. 13th, at 11 am.  The reception is more than Florence’s UMW Circle of Anna can do by themselves.  Mere P. will make some lunch items, and Linda Morrissey will take care of the table decorations.  Others will bring breads and cookies.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am with a closing prayer from Evelyn.

Next regular board meeting:  November 8th, 2016, at 9:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,


Charlene Simons, Secretary


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