United Methodist Women, June 13, 2017

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June 13th, 2017 - Executive Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at about 9:55 am by Mere Ponijiasi with updates on our shut-ins and others.  We all read the Purpose of UMW and Mere Nabou gave a devotion with Joshua 1:9.

Members present:  Mere Ponijiasi, Litia Veisa, Mere Nabou, Claudia Ward, Dian Jorgensen, Barbara Wofford, Judy Finley, Peg Ferrel, Nancy Messinger, Lucinda Brashares, Jane Hollar, Nadine Amoss, Wilma Chandler, and Charlene Simons.

Minutes of May meeting: Peg moved and Claudia seconded and all approved of the May meeting Minutes.

Communications:  Mere P. shared the monthly Council on Aging’s Sonoma Seniors Today news publication and passed out the June 2017 Response magazines to the circle leaders.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peg had prepared copies of the financial report for May 2017 and handed these out and reviewed and explained the updates shown in the report:

          - The Lunch, Dinner, Reception Income of $50 came in from Cynthia Rohde’s family as a donation for Cynthia’s memorial service reception.

          - The Member Pledges Income of $395 came in from individual pledges.

          - The Miscel. Mission Income of $33 came in from Mary’s Friendship (MF) Circle as a donation to our church’s Vacation Bible School (VBS.)

          - The Spring Fling Income of $145 came in from ticket sales ($45) & a donation ($100.)

          - The World Thank/Call to Prayer Income of $9.36 came in from Mary’s Friendship Circle’s World Thank offering.

          TOTAL INCOME for May 2017 = $632.36

          - The Miscel. Mission Expense of $33 went to VBS from MF Circle.

          - The Miscel./Contingency Expense of $120 went to pay for the 5 subscription renewals of the Response magazine.

          - The Spring Fling Expense of $513.63 went to reimburse Marty Wait for the food for the lunch ($459.63) and to reimburse Mere Ponijiasi for the demonstration flowers ($54.)

          TOTAL EXPENSE for May 2017 = $666.63

          - The Total Assets at the end of May were $6,122.77.  This includes $1,900 that is set aside for Assembly.

          - The Report was approved unanimously.

          - Peg added that our Spring Fling profit was ~ $300 more than what we had wanted to make.  Very nice!

          - Peg led us in discussing and determining our 2018 Pledge to the Conference UMW:

                    • The last 4 years (2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017) we have pledged the following:

                              1)  $5,500 to the Conference UMW;                                                                                       2)  $200 to Gum Moon;                                                                                                         3)  $300 to Mary Elizabeth Inn;                                                                                                    4)  $200 to Bright Future Children of the Future.

                    • There was some discussion about our ability to maintain this $6,200 donation.

                    • Concerned, Claudia moved for us to pledge $4,800 to the Conference UMW instead of $5,500, while keeping the $700 to the other 3 missions.  Dian seconded.  We voted and this did not pass.

                    •  After more discussion, Charlene moved for us to keep our pledge at the level of the previous 4 years:  at the $6,200.  Mere P. seconded.  We voted and this did pass.  The discussion included pledges from Mere N., Lucinda, Judy, and Barbara to cover the $700 off-set if need be.  The $700 off-set comes from $6,200 minus $5,500.

                    • So, Peg will notify the Conference UMW of our 2018 Pledge of $6,200.

Old Business : Evaluation

• FUMC Leader’s Summit - Saturday, May 20th.  Peg attended and reported back:  About 30 leaders of FUMC attended.  There was discussion of how do we move from worship as a thing we do on Sundays (& Tuesday eve) to something we do everyday.  There have been 3 of these summits so far with 1 more this fall.  Peg and Mere P. encouraged us to go to the one in the fall.

• UMW Conference Breakfast - June 24th, at the Tongan UMC in San Carlos.  Paul Jeffrey will be the guest speaker.  Mere P. and Litia  Veisa plan to attend.  Note:  Mere Ponijiasi and Peg & Mike Ferrel are our FUMC Santa Rosa delegates to the Annual UMC Conference.  Peg encouraged us to check out the Conference information on-line.       

• Vacation Bible School - Tuesday - Friday, June 27th - 30th, at Stony Point campus.  We are supplying the lunches for the workers and their children.

          - Jane will check with Elizabeth about any change in numbers from ~ 50 and then she will tell the other circle leaders.

          - Note the updated schedule:  Anna Circle will cover Tuesday; Naomi Circle will cover Wednesday; Ruth Circle will cover Thursday; and the FLM will cover Friday.

New Business : Update

• Luau - Saturday, July 29th, 12 noon to 3 pm, at Montgomery campus.

          - Tickets will be $15 each.  Tickets will be sold July 9th, 16th, & 23rd, after all services.  Mere P. has the tickets (120 of them) and they will be stored in the UMW box in the church office.  Peg & Carol will be in charge of selling at Stony Point campus.  Peg took some tickets.

          - The Circles will bring in salads as in the past:  Anna Circle = fruit salad; Naomi Circle = coleslaw; Ruth Circle = green salad; and Mary’s Friendship Circle = potato salad.

          - Mere Nabou will provide trifle for the dessert.

          - Set-up will be done by the FLM ladies.

          - Litia V. is taking the lead on the program & the coordinating.

Officer Reports

• President - Mere Ponijiasi - No additional report.

Vice President/Program Chair - Nancy Messinger - No additional report.

• Treasurer - Peg Ferrel - No additional report.

• Membership/Nurture & Outreach - Nadine Amoss - Nadine reported about all that she has been doing contacting women & making sure the new UMW brochure is available.  She also shared a book she recommends:  Dreamers:  An Immigrant Generation’s Fight for Their American Dream, by Eileen Truax.

• Program Resources - Judy Finley - Judy reports that she will be ordering 5 books from the Reading List for 2017.  The books are:

          1)  Love Casts Out Fear, A Jihad Survivor’s Journey from Revenge to Redemption, by Brother Nathan & David Culross (Education for Mission; for Kindle.)

          2)  Not Safe for Church, Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations, by F. Douglas Powe Jr. & Jasmine Rose Smothers (Leadership Development.)

          3)  Launch Your Encore, Finding Adventure and Purpose Later in Life, by Hans Finzel & Rick Hicks (Nurturing for Community.)

          4)  America and Its Guns, A Theological Expose, by James E. Atwood (Social Action.)

          5)  Living into Hope, A Call to Spiritual Action for Such a Time as This, by Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell (Spiritual Growth; in large print.)

          Judy will also add Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Random Acts of Kindness to the library.

          Judy encouraged us to read!  Judy has the information regarding the Reading Program.

• Publicity - Lynn Finberg - Absent. (We have not heard from Lynn & do not know where she is.)  Diane Jackson has done some with the bulletin boards meanwhile.

• Spiritual Growth - Mere Nabou - Mere reminded us about the upcoming UMW events for us to take part in:

          1) The Annual Bridges District Celebration to be held in Davis on September 23rd.

          2) Mission u.  The purpose of Mission u is to educate us on different issues and to give us tools to take back to our units & circles.  The 2017 Mission Studies are:  Spiritual Growth: Living as a Covenant Community; Issue Study: Climate Justice; & Geographic: Missionary Conferences of the U.S.  If you are interested in attending let Mere Nabou know.

                    • Mission u dates and locations are:

                              - July 28-30 in Gardnerville, NV.

                              - August 11-12 in Livermore, CA, at Asbury UMC.

                              - August 26 in Palo Alto, CA, at the FUMC.

          3) The UMW Assembly to be in April 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.  The registration begins in September.  The theme is The Power of BOLD.  More information is on-line.

• Social Action/Concerns - Barbara Wofford - No report.

• Mission Education/Interpretation - Lucinda Brashares - Lucinda shared from the June Response magazine the article:  Empowering Women Through High Tech.  Lucinda encouraged us to attend a Mission u event.  She gave the ad for the on-line Response magazine to Mere P. to post.

• Nomination Committee - Diane Jackson - Absent.

• Sunshine - Sofia Williams - Absent.  Dian reported that Sofia is doing well and that she continues to send out cards for us.  Dian will take the Sunshine List to Sofia.

• Snowflake Bazaar - Peg reports that she and Diane are up on the planning.

Circle Chairpersons:

• Anna - Jane Hollar - In June they will meet at Doris Guyon’s at 11:30 am for a potluck lunch.

• Mary’s Friendship - Carol Lindstadt - They will not meet again until September.

• Naomi - Dian Jorgensen - In June Diane Jackson will give a program on the refugee situation.

Ruth - Claudia Ward - In June they met at Jeanette Kemmerer’s for a potluck salad & dessert luncheon.  In September they will meet at Claudia’s home.

• Fijian Language Ministry - R/T Litia Veisa/Laijipa Ratumuri - Litia held a retreat in May for the FLM women.  The youth will join with the 11 am service on Sunday, June 20th.  The President of the UMC of Fiji will be visiting to attend the Annual Conference and they will stay with the Veisas.

Other Business:

• Mere Nabou reminds us to review the event dates listed on page 7 in our 2017 UMW Directory.

Meeting adjourned at 11:42 am with a prayer by Litia.

Next board meeting:  September 12th, 2017, at 9:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,  Charlene Simons, Secretary

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