UMW, January 10, 2017

First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            United Methodist Women

January 10th, 2017 - Executive Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at about 9:50 am by Mere Ponijiasi with updates on our shut-ins and others.  We all read the Purpose of UMW and Mere N. gave a devotion.

Members present:  Mere Ponijiasi, Litia Veisa, Claudia Ward, Mere Nabou, Wilma Chandler, Dian Jorgensen, Barbara Wofford, Jane Hollar, Judy Finley, Peg Ferrel, Nancy Messinger,      Diane Jackson, Lucinda Brashares, and Charlene Simons.

Welcome to our new board members:  Jane, Barbara, Lucinda, and Litia!

Minutes of December meeting: Mere N. moved and Claudia seconded and all approved of the December meeting Minutes.

Communications:  Mere P. shared 2 thank you notes; 1 from VOICES and 1 from YWCA.  These were passed to Judy who will display them on our bulletin board.

Mere P. then passed out the January 2017 Response magazines to the circle leaders.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peg had prepared and passed out copies of the financial report for      December 2016.  Peg reviewed and explained the updates shown in the report and expressed that we are in really good shape going forward:

          - The Member Pledges Income of $250 came in from individual pledges.

          - The Miscellaneous Income of $220 came in from 2 unpledged donations.  One from a                          member & one from a nonmember.

          - The Miscel. Mission Income of $247 came in from Ruth Circle’s collection for their                        monthly special project.

          - The Snowflake Bazaar Income of $226.71 came in from IOUs and a credit card                                  reimbursement.

          - Peg noted that the total Bazaar Income from both November & December was                                      $4,951.28 as shown in the right column of the Year To Date Comparison.

          - The World Thank Offering Income of $16.69 came in from a member.

          - The Miscel. Mission Expense of $247 went to Ruth Circle’s monthly special project, the            FUMC Good Shepherd Fund.

          - The Snowflake Bazaar Expense of $317.85 was from receipts received in December                     to reimburse.  Peg explained the break-down of these reimbursements:                                                                  • Towel transfers = $6.92                                                                                                         • Lunch costs = $187.28                                                                                                        • Cookie baking workshop = $20.00                                                                                        • Press Democrat newspaper Ad = $103.65

          - Peg noted that the total Bazaar Expense from both November & December was                            $741.11 as shown in the right column of the Year To Date Comparison.

          - Peg also noted that therefore, the total Bazaar Profit was $4,210.17.  We had                                       budgeted to net only $3,500.  Our new goal for the Bazaar in 2017 is $5,000 !

          - The Sunshine & Gifts Expense of $40 went to buy the gift certificate that we gave to                           Jenny Jones as our thank you to her for playing the piano for our Annual General                    Meeting & Christmas Potluck.

          - The Total Assets at the end of December were $9,832.91.  This includes $1,400 that                              is set aside for Assembly.

          - The Report was approved unanimously.

          - Peg said she has the year-end statements of giving for us and the circle members.                          She will give the FLM statement to Litia Veisa. Peg passed these out.

Old Business 

• More Update of Snowflake Bazaar - Saturday, November 19th.

          - There were plenty of cookies this year such that there were some left over for Sunday.     On Sunday the price was lowered to $5/pound from the Saturday price of $6/pound.

          - The cookie baking workshop went well and Diane recommends doing this again.               Diane did a great job in organizing and running the workshop.

          - Judy reports that she already has ~ 50 blank tea towels and people are already                             starting to request stamped towels to embroider for the 2017 Bazaar.    

Evaluation of Christmas Potluck - Tuesday, December 13, at 12 noon, in Field’s Fellowship Hall.  We all seemed to think that the event went very well.  There were fewer folk than last year, but it was well advertised and several people brought friends.  There was plenty of food and the program was nice and we enjoy singing the Carols.

UMW 2017 Directory (Membership book) Update - Circle leaders handed over updated member lists to Diane Jackson such that Diane reported that she had all but the updates from the FLM.  She has the other information that is included in the Directory ready.  Once she types in the updates she will need help with the photocopying and assembling.  Dian, Barbara, Nancy, & Claudia volunteered to help Diane.  They will figure out when to meet.  Mere P. promised the FLM updates ASAP.

• Prayer Workshop - Mere Nabou reported that she had heard back from Pastor Blake and they will meet to plan this workshop.  There was discussion about possible dates and we prefer one before March.  We narrowed it down to 2/11 or 2/25.  There was also discussion about asking the new Associate Pastor Sekove Veisa and his wife, Litia, to lead this workshop.  Mere N. will check with Pastor Blake and the church office to finalize date & the use of the McMullin Room.  The time would be something like 2 - 3:30 pm.

• Call to Prayer & Self Denial - Diane reported that she will pull the program off of the internet, print it, and give it out.  Litia offered to translate it into Fijian.

New Business       

Pledge Service in January Circle Meetings - Diane had a printed program & video DVD for each circle leader, to be used for the Pledge Services.  She also had a stack of the membership brochures for each leader.  Peg clarified how the pledge that is made is between the woman and God.

• Bridges District Leadership Training Day - Saturday, January 28, 9:15 am - 2:00 pm at Novato UMC - Diane explained how this is a helpful meeting to help officers train for their board position.  Mere N. will be attending as a District UMW Officer and explained that the       District UMW really wants to encourage any and all women to attend.  The theme is “Take my hand; come with me.”  Our UMW has money to cover the registration fees, so if you are interested let Peg know!  (Send Peg your name & if you have any dietary restrictions.)  The official registration deadline is 1/21/2017.

• Getting to Know You Potluck - February 18, noon - 2:00 pm, in the McMullin Room - This is a fun and relaxing event:  food, socializing, and no program.  Our “reckless potluck.”   ; )

• World Day of Prayer - Friday, March 3, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, here in Sanctuary & McMullin Room - This year’s program was written by women in the Philippines.  Diane reported that we will be hosting after all, but that the Church of the Roses and the Bethlehem Lutheran Church will still be involved.  Diane had already down-loaded the information and program from the internet and had a few copies of the packet to share.  She gave Mere N. and Mere P./Litia each a packet.  Diane also added that since Pastor Lindsey has served in the Philippines, that perhaps she would agree to speak about the country at this event.  Diane will ask Pastor Lindsey.

• Spring Fling proposal to combine with the Mother’s Day Tea - Diane Jackson reported that Janin Comiskey and Elizabeth Walton approached her about combining our Spring Fling with the Children’s Commission’s Mother’s Day Tea for 2017.  The idea being that both groups could raise funds while combining efforts and having a larger attendance at one event.  The UMW would make money through the ticket sales for the lunch/event and the Children’s Commission would make money through their Silent Auction at the event.  In 2016 there were ~ 70 people in attendance at the Tea, and ~ 120 people in attendance at the Fling.

          - There was much discussion regarding if we should combine or not, and on what date we would go with.  The Tea was on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in 2016, but the Saturday before Mother’s Day is a very busy day for the Fijians and so would not work for the UMW. Whereas the 2017 Spring Fling has been scheduled for 4/29 and the Field’s Fellowship Hall is already booked for us.

          - Ruth Circle would do the lunch.  The Children’s Commission said they are willing to figure out a program.  We are willing to try to sell 120 - 150 tickets.

          - Our recommendations include:  probably “yes” to combine; the date of Saturday,      April 29th; and that a special “Spring Fling/Mother’s Day Tea” committee form & meet to further discuss these issues.

          - Nancy called for a meeting and asked for volunteers to be on the committee.  The      following women volunteered, in addition to Nancy & Janin & Elizabeth:  Diane Jackson, Mere Nabou, Jane Hollar, Barbara Wofford, & Litia Veisa.  Any other representatives from each circle would be welcome too.

          - There was discussion about when the committee would first meet.  Probably on a Friday afternoon in late January/early February.  Nancy will contact Janin & Elizabeth and then the rest of the committee.

Officer Reports

• President - Mere Ponijiasi - No additional report.

Vice President/Program Chair - Nancy Messinger - No additional report.

• Treasurer - Peg Ferrel - No additional report.

• Membership/Nurture & Outreach - Nadine Amoss - Absent.

• Program Resources - Judy Finley - No report.

• Publicity - (Still to be determined for 2017) - Judy reported that she will do the bulletin board for this month.  She added that she would like to include a thank you to Doris Evans for Doris’ excellent job of editing our UMW items for the Roseleaf.  We encouraged Judy to do so.

• Spiritual Growth - Mere Nabou - No additional report except to encourage us to pray often.

• Social Action/Concerns - Barbara Wofford - Barbara reported that she received some information to get her started, including the CA Council of Churches IMPACT newsletter from which she shared about a woman, Elizabeth Sholes.  Barbara is reviewing the information about how to encourage us to be more aware & active regarding social concerns.  We discussed the need for us to become more educated about human trafficking, especially the trafficking happening here in Sonoma County.

• Mission Education/Interpretation - Lucinda Brashares - Lucinda encouraged us to read the UMW Response magazines.  She shared with us how Response had a tradition of a photo of a mother & child on the cover of their December issues, until 2016!  Lucinda shared how each issue includes a photo essay by Paul Jeffries:  “Faith Meets AIDS” in the Dec. 2016 issue; “Changing Times for Women in Nepal” in the January 2017 issue.  Educational articles with Paul’s photos are well worth one’s time to read.

• Nomination Committee - Diane Jackson - No report.

• Sunshine - Sofia Williams - Absent.  Dian Jorgensen will take the Sunshine List to Sofia.

Circle Chairpersons:

• Anna - Jane Hollar - In January Jennielyn Holmes from Catholic Charities will talk about the latest programs regarding shelter & housing in Santa Rosa.

• Mary’s Friendship - Carol Lindstadt - Peg reported that they are becoming a social support group with a small program each month.

• Naomi - Dian Jorgensen - In January they will hold their Pledge Service and are enjoying welcoming back an old member from long ago.

Ruth - Claudia Ward -  Barbara reported that last night they met at Betty Fromberg’s house with a speaker from the Ceres Community Project.  Next month they will meet at Barbara O’Rear’s house.

• Fijian Language Ministry - Laijipa Ratamuri - Litia reported that she is getting adjusted here in California and already led a program with the FLM about recognizing what their gifts are.

Other Business:

• The World Thank Offering was explained for our new board members as a spontaneous gift in honor of something one is thankful for.  It is one of the 5 Channels of Giving described by the UMW.  The money is collected in little blue & white boxes and can be turned in to our Treasurer (Peg) anytime.  The money goes to the National UMW to be used in our national & international missions.

• Welcome to our new Associate Pastor Sekove Veisa and his wife Litia!                      Their address is:  2769 Marlow Court, Santa Rosa, CA  95403.                               Litia’s cell phone number is:  707-343-6096.                                                            Litia’s email address is:


Meeting adjourned at about 12:05 pm with a closing prayer by Lucinda.

Next board meeting:  February 14th, 2017, at 9:30 am.


Respectfully submitted,


Charlene Simons, Secretary

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