Trustees, January 16, 2017

Board of Trustees Minutes

January 16, 2017


Attending: Nate Barker, Thomas Barnett, Mary Brunet, Charlie Fields, Norm Hardin, Darrell Jurling, John DeGroot, Bob Young, Larry Schmidt


Meeting called to order at 7:10 by Charlie. Opening prayer by Charlie.



Election of Officers: Thomas explained expectations and responsibilities. All officers elected with unanimous consent.

            Darrell will remain Vice-Chairperson.

            Norm will remain Treasurer.

            John elected to Chairperson.

            Nate elected to Secretary.


Operations Report: The Fields Fellowship Hall kitchen freezer and refrigerator are in major need of repair. Both are very old and getting replacement parts is nearly impossible. The freezer has a refrigerant leak and has been topped-off once but will not last. The Montgomery tree work is complete. The water heater in the Stony Point Sanctuary is not working again and will need a repair.


Finance Report: Thomas reported attending the Church Council meeting at which time they discussed the budget. While both income and spending are down we are 4-5% under budget at this time. He recommended we keep the same Maintenance and Repair budget of $14,000 as 2016. After discussion and clarification of terms and budget line items, the $14,000 budget was approved unanimously.


Treasurer's Report: Norm reported that due to the holidays there was no new action and no report other than the expected monthly payments were made.


New Business: Mary reported that the Boys & Girls Club proposal hasn't found a church member to spearhead the cause and is languishing. John, Bob, and Charlie all offered to help take action and Mary will coordinate meeting(s). All Trustees expressed support.

John has a template for all to use and distribute to the congregation to assist making a list of the 3P's (Potential Priority Projects). We will continue collecting input and return to it in coming months.



Old Business: Two new trees have been planted at Montgomery where two were removed. The work will be paid from Undesignated Memorial funds. John and Mary will coordinate finding a specific fund to donate. Trustees will visit the issue of proper use and consolidation of Undesignated Funds in coming months.


Homeless Ministries Report: Norm reported since the Church Council has approved moving forward with the Stony Point Transitional Community the HMTF is working on a draft MOU. The current draft is nearly 80% complete and when a final is done it will be presented to Trustees for approval. There were a number of questions regarding reporting and information flow between Trustees and HMTF. Norm has agreed to keep us informed of progress and provide copies of documents as there is progress.


Thomas will follow-up with John Creager regarding the huts being built at Stony Point. The current room-use agreement provides for the huts to be at Stony Point until Jan 31st. Mary has a copy in the office.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm. Closing prayer given by Thomas. Next meeting is scheduled for February 27, 7pm.


Respectfully submitted by Nate Barker

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