Stony Point Campus Study Group, October 24, 2016


Stony Point Campus Study Group

Monday, October 24, 2016 – 5:30 p.m.

Carriage House, Montgomery Campus

Meeting Notes


  1. Opening Prayer and Welcome – Bill Stephens opened the meeting with prayer. Attendees: Pastor Blake Busick, Emily Rainsford, Paul O’Rear, Norm Bryan, Jim Hurd, Thomas Barnett, Bill Stephens, Chair
  2. Notes from Meeting of September 26th – The Meeting Notes from the September 26th meeting were reviewed and approved.
  3. FISH Proposal to Trustees – Paul O’Rear reported that he met with the Trustees at their last meeting to inform the Trustees of the request by Dennis Hanson of FISH to establish a food pantry site on the Stony Point campus. Paul reported that one Trustee commented that there was not a “big plan” for the campus, and that he responded to this by saying that the SPCSG is exploring ways to utilize the property.  After some discussion at the SPCSG meeting, it was suggested that Dennis Hanson should be invited to our November meeting to discuss a progressive plan with a firm time frame for each step that would be required beginning with a professionally produced conceptual plan for the food pantry, including intended operational details. Note: Subsequent to this meeting, Mr. Hanson was contacted regarding this, and has accepted an invitation to meet with the SPCSG at our November 28th meeting.

Paul also reported that he also invited the Trustees to send a representative to the SPCSG meetings on a regular basis. Thomas Barnett, representing the Trustees, reported that this will occur.

  1. Homeless Ministries Task Force – Update – Paul O’Rear reported that the City of Santa Rosa has approved modifications to CHAP that will make legal the shelter camp that is under consideration for our Stony Point Campus. He also reported that Pastor Blake and Doug Albertson made a presentation to the School District regarding the camp concept, and that the presentation seemed to be well received. There is also a meeting scheduled for November 6th for a presentation to neighbors and interested parties from the school.

It was suggested by the SPCSG that the invitation to neighbors include our neighbors on our entire perimeter, as well as neighbors on the east side of Stony Point Road.

  1. Decisions Regarding Stony Point Property – Continuing Discussion – The group discussed various ideas that may serve both the Church and the surrounding community. An “Idea Subcommittee” was formed to engage in a brainstorming session for the development of concepts that would be mutually beneficial for the Church and the community. The subcommittee members are: Paul, Norm, Thomas, Emily, and Pastor Lindsey or Pastor Blake. Paul will send an email to establish a date and time for the meeting approximately two weeks in the future.
  2. Dates of November and December Meetings – Who will attend? – After some discussion, it was decided that our November 28th meeting will be held as scheduled. Our December meeting is scheduled for the day following Christmas. Therefore, a December meeting, if needed, will be scheduled for a different day.
  3. Next Meeting Agenda Items – Discussion of request by FISH; Report from the Property Use Idea Subcommittee.
  4. Closing Prayer – Pastor Blake closed the meeting with prayer.

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Mon, 10/24/2016 - 17:30