Stony Point Campus Study Group, Nov 28, 2016


Stony Point Campus Study Group

Monday, November 28, 2016 – 5:30 p.m.

Carriage House, Montgomery Campus


Meeting Notes



  1. Opening Prayer and Welcome – Chair Bill Stephens welcomed Dennis Hansen and Jerry Anderson, representing the FISH Food Pantry. Also in attendance: Jim Hurd, Norm Bryan, Greg Roth, Mary Brunet, Paul O’Rear, Emily Rainsford, and Pastor Lindsey Kerr. Pastor Lindsey opened the meeting with prayer.


  1. Notes from Meeting of October 24th – Approved via email and posted on FUMC Web site


  1. Feasibility of FISH Food Pantry Site at Stony Point


  1. Introduction of Concept by Dennis Hansen – Mr. Hansen presented an overview of the history of FISH and their current site. He stated that they just obtained a two-year extension of their lease. He then spoke about their need to begin now to develop a new site for their operation, and their desire to place a building on the southeast corner of the FUMC Stony Point property. He also said that FISH has an eleven-member Board of Directors and approximately 70 volunteers.
  2. Discussion of Progressive Plan and Benchmarks for Site Development – Chair Bill Stephens suggested that a firm plan for the project could be developed, with benchmarks serving as decision points as to whether the project continued or was stopped at a point where a benchmark was not reached.  Several questions were raised by the Study Group regarding funding, the experience of FISH at larger scale fund raising, and the makeup of the FISH Board of Directors. Mr. Hansen stated that they intend to obtain the services of a professional fund raiser. In response to a question, he stated that they do not currently have a succession plan for their Board of Directors and/or a leadership mentoring program.
  3. Subcommittee from SPCSG – It was decided that a subcommittee from SPCSG should work with the FISH Board in the development of a tentative plan that would include a suggested schedule, operational details, and the identification of the respective interests of both FUMC and FISH. Paul O’Rear and Norm Bryan agreed to serve as a subcommittee, and to work with FISH on the items noted above.


  1. Homeless Ministries Task Force – Paul provided an update on the meeting scheduled for Wednesday evening, November 30th, to meet with our surrounding neighbors in order to inform them of the plan for a camp on the Stony Point campus, and to answer any questions that they may have.


  1. Ideas for Outdoor Worship at Stony Point Campus and Property Use Idea Subcommittee – Pastor Lindsey presented a concept developed by Paula Petersen for a labyrinth in the area to the east of the patio at Stony Point. This would be constructed of low-cost materials and would serve as a bridge element that could connect to a pavilion/shade structure gathering area. She shared some photos of examples of structures located in Texas. Norm Bryan reported that the Property Use Idea Subcommittee had met at Stony Point and had discussed a pavilion/shade structure concept in the same general area. The Subcommittee will continue to develop this concept.


  1. Boys and Girls Club Proposal – Mary Brunet discussed a proposal that she received from the B&G Club to use the FUMC Stony Point facilities for an after school program during the school year, as well as a summer program, June through mid-August. Norm Bryan agreed to represent the SPCSG in developing more information about the proposal.


  1. Next Meeting Agenda Items – Due to the next regular meeting date falling on December 26th, which is a holiday, the next meeting of the group will be on January 23, 2017.


  1. Closing Prayer – Bill Stephens closed the meeting with prayer.

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