Signups for an event

The Signups module lets you enable an event ( or calendar date ) for signups.  Those who visit our web site and go  to the event listing will be able to sign up for the event.  A designated person can receive emails when someone signs up for the event.

An "event" is a listing that appears in the site calendar ( ) and also in the listing of News and Events.  A "calendar date" only appears in the site calendar.

To use Signups:

  • Create an event or calendar date.  I recommend that you also set up a URL path for the event so that it will be easy for people to navigate to it.
  • Edit the event's Signup Settings.  Enable the event for signups.  Enter the other fields for signups as needed: send signup email, confirmation, reminder.
  • The event will now have an additional tab: Signups.  Click this tab to see signup information.  You can close signups and see who has signed up for the event.