RSVP for an event

The RSVP function, or module, allows you to send an email invitation to a set of people for an event.  Each person receiving an invitation can respond by clicking a link in the email.  You can see who has responded and how they have responded.

An "event" is a type of content that is created on the web site.  Each event appears in the calendar (at and most also appear in the list of News and Events on the right side of the home page and when you click "What's Happening."  Some events appear only in the calendar, such as regular events like the Men's Breakfast.

If you click on the title of an event, you will see the page for the event.  At the top of the page, there will be a tab labeled "RSVP."  If you click this tab, you can create an invitation for the event.  In the invitation, you can enter a set of email addresses.  Each person will then receive an invitation and a personalized link so that they can respond to the invitation. 

After you create the invitation, if you visit your account by clicking on "My Account" in the left menu, and then click the RSVP tab, you will see the invitations you have received and RSVPs that you created.  If you click on an RSVP, you can see how many people have responded and how they have responded.

There are other options included with the module which you can explore, such as sending a message to all those you invited.  You might, for example, send a reminder to people.

I have enabled all users to send invitations to events listed on our calendar.