Prayer Groups


There are lots of ways to support one another in our community: you can be part of a small group, join a team that welcomes or serves, give money, organize events. But there is one simple way that we can all support one another. It is a great privilege of ours to connect to God and one another through prayer. Recently we have been stream-lining our process for praying for one another.

The Caring Corner appears in the bulletin each week, listing the names of the people in our congregation who have been asking for our prayers, especially during times of transition, grief, or recovery. We encourage every one, every week, to look at the Caring Corner, to take it home, and to pray for the people on the list. However, not all of the prayer requests we receive are listed in the Caring Corner.

Prayer Cards are filled out each week by people in our congregation, and we pray for those with our Pastoral Care Team (made up of Pastor Blake, Pastor Lindsey, Doug Albertson, and Pat Sanborn, Parish Visitor) each week.

The Prayer List contains all of the prayer card requests, typed and abbreviated when necessary for confidentiality by Carmen Rapp each week. (Thank you, Carmen!)

The Prayer Team is made up of those who would like to receive the Prayer List via email or USPS each week. Members of the Prayer Team commit to praying in their own time, in whatever way makes the most sense for them, for these prayer requests each week. There is no regular meeting.

Angels on Call is a team that gets together regularly to pray and send cards to the people we have been praying for: to connect with them, to encourage them, and to share our love and care for them.

Would you like to take a greater part in this prayer ministry by being a part of the Prayer Team or Angels on Call? Contact the church office.