3. Web Based Event Scheduler and Calendar

NEW: A Web Based Event Scheduler and Calendar for FUMC
In October, we will implement a new event/room scheduler for FUMC. The Scheduler will provide several key advantages for us:
  • You will be able to request a room and schedule an event through three ways:
  • We will have a unified calendar for scheduling and event publicity that is available:
    • On the church web site (replacing the current web calendar which only included a few events)
    • On the church bulletin boards (as it has been)

In the past, when you needed to schedule a room or let the office know about a coming event, you had to wait until office hours to talk to office staff regarding availability and to place your request. . That was hard on you, and hard on them.

Now, thanks to the web based technology, you can:
  • Schedule a room and event
  • Check the schedule

from either the church physically (as you have always been able to do) or from any Internet browser (THIS IS NEW).

We will be training our church staff and Church Council on how to use this new tool. Anyone is welcome to use the Scheduler application. A Scheduler account is required, but it only costs your time. For more details, see the church web site: go to http://www.fumcsantarosa.org/schedule and then click “help.”

If you don’t want to use the Internet, that’s fine, too. We will still gladly accept paper requests!


The rest of this document is the information that was presented at the training for the Scheduler.

What is it?

FUMC Scheduler is a web based application that is used to schedule events and rooms.  It also provides the web site calendar.  You can use it to request a room reservation, which is the same as scheduling a meeting.  If you have an off-site meeting, we encourage you to reserve the "off-site" room so that your meeting or event appears on the church calendar.

You can now request a room or schedule an event from anywhere you have access to the World Wide Web.  We have tested it with several web browsers, but not with cell phones, so we recommend using a computer rather than a cell phone to access it.   (Let us know if you try it from a cell phone so we can update our information.)

There are at least two good reasons to register your event and reserve your room through the Scheduler:

  1. You will have the room reserved for your use, and can also reserve accessories.  If your event requires setup, our staff will know about this as well.
  2. Your event will appear on our church calendar (both web site and paper) which will provide publicity for your event and just let us all know about it!

The web site calendar is available to anyone, whether or not you have an account on the Scheduler.  See it at http://www.fumcsantarosa.org/schedule/rocalendar.php

In addition to the calendar, there is a weekly schedule available online at http://www.fumcsantarosa.org/schedule/roschedule.php and this schedule is also printed and displayed outside the church office for you to refer to when you arrive for a meeting - or are just curious about what is happening.



Before you can schedule an event, you must register for a Scheduler account.

NOTE that this account is for the Scheduler only, and is not the same as your account on the church web site.

To register, go to http://www.fumcsantarosa.org/schedule/register.php or click on "Click here to register" on the Scheduler login page.  Complete all the required fields marked with an *.

After you register, you will be taken to the "Control Panel."  



Once you are logged in and viewing the Control Panel, you can set your email preferences.  We recommend using the default settings, but you can change them if desired.  You might want to change your preference to "html" so that the emails sent to you are easier to read.



You have several ways to view the current schedule.

The Schedule Calendar view shows the schedule in month (traditional calendar format), week, or day increments.  While viewing the Schedule Calendar, hover your mouse over any event to see more details of that event.  An event with the recurring event symbol ( ) shows an event that re-occurs on some frequency.  When you make reservations, you can request a recurring event if that makes sense for you.  All recurring events will end on June 30.  You will need to request the reservation for each year.

My Calendar is a view of just the events that you have scheduled.

Bookings is a view of events, resources (or rooms), and days and times in a tabular listing.  It is useful for seeing what event is booked for the near future.  It is also the view that you use to schedule an event, or reserve a resource/room.



You must login to the Scheduler before you can schedule an event.  You will find the login screen at http://www.fumcsantarosa.org/schedule.

Once you have logged in, click Bookings.  You will see today and the next 6 days, with the hours across the top and the resources/rooms down the side of the page.

Navigate to the date, time, and resource/room.  When you position your mouse over the schedule you want, you will see a green colored block, showing that you can click to reserve that resource.  When you click, you will see a popup Reservation window.

(If you don't see the popup Reservation window, check if your browser or security program on your computer prevents popup windows.  You must set it to allow popup windows to schedule.)

In the Reservation window, select:

  • Starting time
  • Ending time
  • Summary (this is where you enter what the event is about, such as the committee or purpose of your event.  The summary can be more than one line if you would like more details displayed.  The first line of the summary will appear on the calendar view, and all lines will appear when you hover the mouse over the event in the calendar.)
  • Number of persons expected (we use this to provide setup services if requested)
  • If this is a recurring event, use the Repeat Every... part of the window to indicate the recurrence pattern (daily, weekly, monthly).  Examples of typical recurrence patterns are:
    • Every 1 day
    • Every 2 weeks on Wednesday
    • Every 3rd month on a specified date
    • Every second Tuesday of the month.
  • Also show the final date of the recurrence (which can't be beyond June 30).
  • If you need accessories, such as projector and screen, click Accessories to select them
  • You can click Participants to select other participants for your event, but we don't support or encourage its use at this time.

Click Check Availability to be sure that your reservation can be completed.

Click Submit to submit the reservation for approval.  If you have your email preferences set to allow, you will receive an email confirming your submission.

All reservations will show on the calendar as "pending" until they have been approved.  The reason for this is that our staff will edit the summary as needed to be consistent with other events as viewed by the public.  Our staff will review pending reservations daily.  When approved, you will receive an email confirming the event.



To CHANGE a reservation, use either

  • My Reservations on the Control Panel, or
  • Click on the event on the Bookings view

You can change the time, summary, repeating pattern, and accessories.  You cna change a single event or all events of a recurring set.  Click Submit to submit the changes.  The changed event will show as "pending" until approved.

If you need to change the room of a reservation, you must delete and request a new reservation.

To DELETE a reservation, find it as above for changes, then click Delete, and Submit.  No approval is required for deletions.