Notes from Homeless Ministries meetings with Church Council and Open meetings

Church Council and Sack Lunch Proposal Conversation July 9th and 10th

Questions/ Concerns

  • Neighbors/ School- How will we include them?  Plans not made yet but they will be included.
  • Cost to church- Unknown
  • Management- who? Not known at this point,possibly Catholic Charities
  • If problems - need to have a contact person/s for immediate action. We agree it is necessary.
  • Need to increase information to FUMC folks.  We agree. Sack lunch church meetings will continue. Plan to talk to all committees and groups. One on One conversations important.
  • Who at FUMC will decide on the final proposal? Church Council? Large meting - then vote? All church vote? Not decided
  • Who provides the tents and what size? Likely be similar style tents. Possible donor identified.
  • Will we have families? No
  • Camp Michela runs on self governing model- how would we monitor rules and regulations. What if folks invite their friends in?  Catholic Charities (our potential operator) is very experienced dealing with this and other such issues.
  • Why not contact neighbors in advance? Until any proposalis  legal and approved by the church we feel it is premature to proceed.
  • If we want good neighbors do they need to be contacted soon.(see above)
  • What criteria would be used to determine success of this mission? Who would interpret whether this mission is successful?   Landowner would have an idea.  For the overall   project it would be Catholic Charities. List of criteria should be part of the MOU.
  • No alcohol drugs but how would we control legal marijuana? No drugs and alcohol on site.
  • Why locate site near the apartments?  Concrete pad, fencing, trees, shade and water available.
  • Community garden concerns- might be neighborhood problem if tools stolen etc. SRJC students and others would support garden space for this project. Possible FUMC garden expansion was suggested.
  • This church for 40+ years has supported FISH. They are looking for a place to relocate.  They serve vast majority of homeless.  There has been no task force on this. Could FISH be located here? -Trustees explored this - the stumbling block was financial support - nobody stepped forward to provide funds.
  • Will they (operator/Catholic Charities) help residents find a place to live or provide funding? Intake process will match folks with all and any services. Housing is the end goal of this project.

Note: We plan  to address some of these questions in more detail at a later point, as and if we move forward with this mission.


  • This is a commendable action- any ray of hope helps.
  • Catholic Charities thorough system very reliable- everyone deserves a chance.
  • Incredible presentation - a beautiful use of our land.
  • Apartments adjoining property are Burbank Housing so probably less resistance to our helping homeless.


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Sun, 07/10/2016 - 12:30