Jacob Wilbur, Director of Youth Ministries

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I am a Sonoma State Student and currently studying in the environmental studies program. I have an AA in early childhood development I have worked with the youth group for over seven years as a youth leader. When I heard the youth group might not run this year because we didn't have someone to run it I stepped in and decided this can't happen. I was ask to run it and I accepted because I couldn't see this church without a youth group. I believe in this program because where else will the youth build lasting relationships with other Christians in a way that is not just one hour on Sunday mornings. Personally I feel being a part of this program is my calling. As a youth I struggled with my own self worth and I felt like I had no one to talk to. I felt alone and I didn't connect with anyone in the church and it was God alone who showed me a love for myself that I could never find on my own; because of this I refuse to let the youth think they are alone and they have no one to talk to. I want to support them in whatever decision they make and help them grow not just in knowledge about God, not just teach them facts, but in who God is calling them to be. I want them to see themselves as important, I want them to find their gifts and I want them to find a love for themselves and others that can only come from God.

-Jacob Wilbur 


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