New Input Format: Minimal Filter

There is a new input format called "Minimal Filter."

When you use it, the system does not play around with the line spacing or much of anything.  I was able to successfully copy and paste several Word documents and the web pages looked exactly like the Word documents.

I can't say that this will be true for more complex documents, but it should be better than what we have seen before.

To use it, create a new document (or edit an old one and change the input format to Minimal Filter).  Open your Word document and select what you want to include and Copy it.  In the web editor, select Paste From Word, and paste into the window that opens.  Keep the selections as they are defaulted.  PLEASE NOTE that you can change the fonts, but DON'T as we want a consistent look and feel for the web site.  If this becomes a problem, I will filter these out as needed.

Note that it will not handle embedded graphics, so you will need to add them after you copy and paste the text.