Outreach Ministries

Education, Justice, and Action


Our church is deeply committed to reaching out to all people in God's love on local, national, and international fronts.

  • Angels' Attic is our local thrift shop that provides a source of quality used goods and provides funding for local outreach.
  • The Outreach and Service Commission guides our involvement in local, national, and international mission.

And we are involved, as you can see in our Volunteers in Mission trips, our use of and sales of Fair Trade products, and locally at places like The Living Room and Family Support Center.


Looking Beyond Our Doors: An Exciting Focus

The Outreach & Service Commission oversees all of our interactions with local, national, and international caring agencies, our volunteer in mission work, our fair trade coffee project, and classes, speakers, and forums related to justice ministries.

The commission is chaired by Jennifer Dornbush. The members of the Outreach & Service Commission believe that three words help to describe their work: education, justice, and action. The following current ministries are coordinated by the Outreach & Service Commission, and will include any work related to:

  • the FISH food collection center
  • the Living Room
  • the fair trade coffee project
  • the Heifer Project
  • The Children’s Village of Sonoma County
  • emergency/ disaster preparedness
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • our support of missionary Paul Jeffrey
  • Blanket Sunday drives
  • health and school kit collections
  • Rebuilding Together
  • the InterFaith Shelter Network Housing Program
  • and oversight of the working group which plans volunteer in mission trips.

The old Jim Strathdee song reminds us that: “we are the hands and feet of Christ, serving by grace each other’s needs.” We look forward to the leadership and guidance of the Outreach & Service Commission, which will help us to do just that.