Church Council


First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Paul O’Rear opened the meeting at 9:04a.m. He led the reading of our Mission and Oneness in Christ statement.

Linda Morrissey offered the opening prayer.

Remembrance of Wilma Thompson and Dorris Lorenz

Recognition was given to both Wilma and Dorris of their many contributions to FUMC.

Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by Norm Hardin to accept the previous meeting’s minutes; seconded by Linda Morrissey. All agreed.

Stony Point Fire Relief Task Force Update

Pastor Blake introduced Aaron Jobson, architect and representative for “Homes For

Sonoma”, who presented a report and slide show on proposed usage of the Stony Point property. The purpose of the presentation was to gain support for the development of a Memorandum of Understanding between FUMC, Homes For Sonoma, and Burbank Housing as it relates to the development and usage of the Stony Point campus.  

The project would entail a 3-year Commitment, in conjunction with Burbank Housing, to provide housing for those affected by the October 2017 fires and for those most in need. At the end of the 3-year period, the land will be turned back to FUMC. Lease of the property will generate revenue for the mortgage.

Homes For Sonoma will be responsible for design, build, and installation of 40 one bedroom and three-bedroom modular houses. Burbank Housing will be responsible for management and maintenance. The goal is to complete the project by summer 2018.

Fund raising is in the beginning stages, with $300,000 already secured from the RCU

Fire Relief Fund and a promised donation from Jackson Family Wines.

Motion was made to move ahead with developing an M.O.U. for this project. All present agreed.

Trustee’s Report

Norm Hardin reported that restoration of the parsonage is almost 100% complete. Our liability insurance on the parsonage could be voided by occupancy of the house by residents as it is not being brought up to residential building codes at this time. The Trustees are working with the City of Santa Rosa towards obtaining a conforming status and we are working with our insurance agent, Berger and Jones, to obtain a gap liability insurance policy to cover the interim period.  

Nominations Committee Report

Pastor Blake presented the report.

Lehman Chapel Future

Linda Morrissey stated she has been meeting with a group in regards to updating the chapel to a multipurpose room.

Stewardship Committee Report

Pastor Blake opened and introduced Mary Ellen Heising. She explained the one-on-one conversations that will take place with congregants, beginning the week of January 22. Results of the conversations will be presented to the congregation by Easter. The questions chosen for the conversations are intended to find out how FUMC might better meet the needs of its members.  

Hospitality Committee Report

Sharon Peterson and Emily Rainsford presented. It was stated that the all-church simulcast was very successful. More all-church events will be scheduled for 2018. The photo directory will be updated; Linda Morrissey and Su Cox are the coordinators. There will be continued focus on “Belong, Become, Be”, including pizza with the pastors.

Children’s Ministries Report

Elizabeth Walton presented the report.

Closing prayer offered by Pastor Blake. Meeting adjourned at 11:23a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Sekara

Secretary, FUMC Church Council

Next Church Council meeting: Saturday, March 10, 2018, 9:00a.m. 

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