Outreach and Service Commission, January 23, 2018

Outreach and Service Commission

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Present:  Bill Dornbush, Jennifer Dornbush, Lindsey Kerr, Andrea Davis, John Creager, Diane Jackson, Marsha Vas-Dupre, Carmen Rapp

Lindsey opened the meeting with a prayer.


F.I.S.H. Food Collection

Before the meeting, grocery bags were prepared for the F.I.S.H. collection.

On January 28, Andrea will distribute bags at Montgomery.  John will take the bags to Stony Point.  On February 4, Andrea, Jennifer and Bill will deliver the filled food bags to F.I.S.H.


Minutes:  The minutes were approved as corrected.



Fair Trade Products – Bill

Selling assignments:

February 4:  Diane, Carmen

February 11:  Andrea,

February 18:  Marsha and Jack

February 25:  John, Linda


Special Offering Results for 2017:  Janin printed a Funds Report of 2017’s special offerings, with a grand total of $139,948.86.


Wildfire Recovery Taskforce Update

Diane has prepared a poster display on Homes for Sonoma's Pilot Community to present to the congregation this Sunday.  The display shows Homes for Sonoma’s site concept plan of 40 cottages built on the Stony Point property on the corner of Stony Point Road and Giffen Avenue.  Information on Homes for Sonoma’s story and FUMC’s Potential Partnership with Homes for Sonoma FAQ’S will also be available.  The land will be leased for three years at a cost of $9,000 per month.  Burbank Housing is the landlord and will place the occupants and collect the rent. 


Homeless Ministries Taskforce Update – John

John reported that one of the families using the safe parking program has found housing.  Sebastopol Community Church is interested in beginning their own safe parking program.


Volunteer Opportunities in the Jail – John

Liana Whisler led a tour of 15 people on January 30th.  There is a waiting list of ten more people to take the tour.  Books donated by our congregation have been delivered. 


Social Action Goes to the Movies - Jennifer

Jennifer announced that the first film on the Women’s March will be shown this Saturday.  Carpooling is recommended to Shomrei Torah.




Socks and Underwear Collection

Diane delivered one large box of socks and underwear from Montgomery and Stony Point campuses to the Homeless Services Center.




Update from Hope City fire recovery efforts

Hope City is joining with Habitat for Humanity in this effort.  Three homes will be built on Steele Lane and one in Windsor.  Hope City will be used for labor.  Housing for workers will be at Angela Center.


VIM Dates

VIM has not met to decide on work dates for 2018.


Church Council met Saturday, January 20.

The renovating of Susanna Wesley house as our parsonage was discussed.  The house is required to have a fire sprinkle system.  A bid of $12,500 was received for a sprinkler system with a water tank.  When the bridge insurance policy is in place, the Busick family can move into the parsonage.  The Stewardship Commission will be interviewing the congregation regarding their interests in our church.  A date for the Charge Conference has not been announced although it will probably be during Lent.


Bulletin Board:

Social Action Goes to the Movies on bulletin board will be updated with each film.

Roseleaf Articles for March:

Bill’s article on Social Action Goes to the Movies films February 24 and March 17 has been submitted.

Carmen will write an UMCOR offering article.   Diane will submit information regarding Homes for Sonoma.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 27, 4:00 p.m. in the Carriage House.


The meeting was closed at 5:32 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,

Carmen Rapp


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