Outreach & Service Commission, Sept 26, 2017

Outreach and Service Commission

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Present:  Jennifer and Bill Dornbush, Diane Jackson, Andrea Davis, Lindsey Kerr, Lynne Brown, Marsha Vas-Dupre, John Creager, Carmen Rapp

Opening Devotion: Bill read information about Conocao, a Fair Trade supplier.


Correspondence:  Diane read a letter from Hope City, expressing their thanks for our service in Lake County rebuilding homes and lives after a devastating fire. 


Minutes:  The minutes were approved as corrected. 


New Outreach Opportunity

Liana Whisler is the Sergeant in charge of Inmate Programs and Services in the Jail and coordinates a library for the 1,000 to ll00 inmates.   Softcover books for all levels of readers are requested.  It was decided that collecting books should be an ongoing project at both campuses.  The jail has a program called “Read Me a Story”.  Inmates read and record a book for their child.  The tape is then sent to the child along with the book and a card made by the inmate. 



Fair Trade Products – Bill 

Bill introduced Lynne Brown, who has agreed to sell Fair Trade products at the Stony Point campus.  She will take orders on the first week of the month and deliver the product on the second Sunday.  Thank you, Lynne!

Bill has ordered chocolate minis for Halloween and the Bazaar.

Selling assignments:

October 1:  All Church Worship:  Andrea and Bill

October 8:  John

October 15:  Marsha and Jack

October 22:  Diane, Linda

October 29:  Andrea, Carmen


Homeless Ministries Taskforce Update- John

The Trustees have approved John’s request to begin the Safe Parking Program at Stony Point. Cars will be parked there from 8:00 p.m.  to 7:00 a.m.  Having people there may curtail some of the recent vandalism happening at the Stony Point campus.  Catholic Charities will do the intake. FUMC will be responsible for people to be present in the evening and in the morning, to be sure people depart.   It is hoped that the City of Santa Rosa will provide portable toilets and FUMC will provide additional insurance.   The program will begin as soon as the money is in. 


VIM Trip Update – Diane

The October 8-13th trip has 22 people signed up.  The trip in September had multiple plumbing and electrical problems.  Reports were made on the progress of the teams who worked on two houses.






Lindsey told us about two upcoming conferences:  Challenging Oppression, Working for Justice from Palestine to the USA.  They will be held Friday evening and Saturday, December 1 and 2 in Santa Rosa and Sunday, December 3 in San Francisco.  Lindsey is a member of the steering committee and asked the Commission to publicize and sponsor the conferences.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to sponsor the conference.  Bill made a motion to donate the $200 in our budget.  The motion was seconded and after discussion, was carried.


The Nomadic Shelter begins October 20.  On the third Friday of each month, our church hosts a dinner and overnight stay for a group of homeless people screened by Redwood Gospel Mission.   Our November date is the day before the Bazaar and will be changed. 



Church Council Meeting September 9 – Bill

Bill reported the highlights of the meeting.  It began with reflections of Larry Thompson and what he meant to each of the council members.  The complete report is posted on the church’s website.





Bulletin Board:

October:  Bill and Jennifer have completed this bulletin board about offering Fair Trade chocolates for Halloween. 


November/December:  Andrea volunteered to complete the socks and underwear bulletin board for December and the Thanksgiving offering for FISH. 


Roseleaf article – Hunger offering for FISH.  Marsha volunteered to write this article for the recipient of the Thanksgiving offering.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 24 at 4:00 p.m., in the Carriage House.  We will work on the Planning Calendar for next year at that meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Carmen Rapp



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