Homeless Ministries Task Force, 9/27/2017

First United Methodist Church

Homeless Ministries Task Force Meeting

September 27, 20 17

Present: Jennie H.,  Doug A., Shirley C., Sam C., John C., Bill D., Jennifer D. 

 Notes taken by Sam:

1. John reported on a successful meeting with the Board of Trustees regarding the continuation of Safe Parking.  The Trustees unanimously approved resumption of the program as presented. when funding is confirmed.

2. John and Jennie met with City staff regarding HMTF's use of CHAP funds for Safe Parking expenses, and were told port-a-potty rental is an eligible use.  Staff will also consider funding for our liability insurance expense, although this is not a certainty.  Dave  Berto and the Church of the Incarnation are also pursuing CHAP funding.  Given the straightforwardness of our program, we appear to be in good shape for at least the port-a-potty  expense funding.

3. The HMTF proposal to the church Foundation was discussed.  Shirley will forward a cover letter and our proposal for use of the $4,000 previously placed on hold  by the Foundation for HMTF programs.

4. Bill will work on an edit of the Safe Parking Operating Plan  to provide next-step details.

5. John will work on volunteer recruitment and a scheduling plan for the program, and will  secure Jennie Lynn Holmes'  signature on the FUMC-Catholic Charities document for screening of Safe Parking participants

6. Doug and Shirley raised the need for a "start-up" kit for persons who find pemanent housing but who have no appliances, dish, pans, etc.  Shirley volunteered to set up a model housing start-up display in Fellowship Hall as a means to solicit donations  for such start-up kits.

7. The commiittee approved pursuing the acquisition of inexpensive LED lighting ($100 estimate) for the Safe Parking space.

8. Doug will ask church staff to prepare a mailing to go to Stony Point neighbors informing them of the resumption of the Safe Parking program.

9. Doug reminded us of the October 14 Neighborhood BBQ to be held  at the Montgomery Driive campus.

10. We will meet again in one week, on October 4, to review  progress made with the above work.

Submitted by Sam Cox

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Wed, 09/27/2017 - 13:30