Homeless Ministries Task Force, Mar 30, 2017

Homeless Ministries Task Force  March 30th 

Present: John, Jenny H . Bill, Jennifer, Bob, Shirley. Mike


HMTF will return to Wednesdays at 1pm on 19th April





Stony Point Study Group with members from Trustees, Finance and HMTF

 (See full minutes on FUMC website)

 Discussion of various mission ideas included:

  • Low income/ senior housing
  • Boys and Girls Club- summer day camp, possible expanding to year round
  • Outdoor labyrinth and other outdoor service ideas
  • Group to continue meetings
  • Subgroups will continue to develop contacts, ideas and actions



Sub Committee on Homeless (Santa Rosa City Council Chambers)


  • April 4th Housing First presentation
  • Homeless Emergency up for renewal
  • CHAP dependent of renewal
  • Attend if possible and be ready to speak.


Guerneville Homeless Meeting- Bob and Shirley

  • Some good ideas transferable to any future meetings we may participate in.
  • Use of 2 color cards for, I agree or I disagree
  • Speaker cards with instrctions


Grant submission to REMM submitted this week.

  • Budget details from grant submissions discussed.

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Thu, 03/30/2017 - 11:00