Weekly Devotional, July 3, 2016

Week of  July 3, 2016

Monday: Elisha heals commander Naaman’s leprosy.  The greed of Elisha’s servant Gehazi causes Naaman’s leprosy to cling to him and his descendants.

Read 2 Kings 5:1-27

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. What did it take to convince you, like Naaman, that there is no God in the world except the Lord?

2. Is your faith in God stronger today than it was one year ago?

Prayer Focus

Pray that you might turn from all false gods and to the one true God.


Tuesday:  Elisha receives a call to follow Elijah.  He

responds by sacrificing the “tools of his trade” thus indicating that he is all in – there is no going back to his former work.

Read 1 Kings 19:11-21

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. In terms of your response to God, are you all in to follow Christ or do you have a reserve plan?

2. If you are not all in what is holding you back?  If you are all in what challenges or temptations do you face?

Prayer Focus

Pray for the assurance of faith that enables you to be all in.


Wednesday: Elijah is succeeded by Elisha who has

inherited a double portion of Elijah’s spirit as indicated by his parting the waters and purifying the spring.

Read 2 Kings 2:1-25

Questions for Reflection and Application

Whose legacy are you following?

What kind of a legacy do you want to leave behind?

 Prayer Focus

Pray for a double portion of God’s Spirit to carry out the legacy you have inherited.


Thursday:   Elisha was known as a worker of miracles.  Chapter 4 provides a sampling of a few of the many miracles Elisha performed.  Many of his miracles parallel Elijah’s miracles.  The last miracle of

chapter 4 anticipates Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5,000.

Read 2 Kings 4

Questions for Reflection and Application

This miracle demonstrated that Elisha is a man of God, following in

Elijah’s footsteps.  What evidence does your life give that you are a man or woman of God following a legacy of faith?

Prayer Focus

Pray for a faith and life that bears great fruit.


Friday:  Elisha predicts the victory of Israel over Aram. In death even his bones give testimony to the God of life.

Read 2 Kings 13:14-21

Questions for Reflection and Application

Even though Elisha comes from a very different time and place among people with very different sensibilities, what can you glean from Elisha’s life that is relevant for yours?

Prayer Focus

Pray that you might follow in the footsteps of the prophetic legacy.


Small Group Format


Introductions/getting acquainted

Mutual Invitation question:  Whose life would you most like to emulate?

Opening Prayer

Song (optional)

Reflection on the weekly Scripture readings

Have someone read 2 Kings 5:1-27

Discuss observations about the text

What word or phrase strikes you the most?

What do you think is the most important point of the text?

Summarize the Sunday message and its connection to this text.

Use some of the daily questions for discussion in the devotional.

Choose another day to read a different text and discuss the questions.

Share your faith (in groups of 3)

How have you experienced God recently in your life?

(this will be a weekly question – it may be difficult to answer at first, but if you ask it each week, you may start to notice God more in your life)

Pray for each other

Refreshments (optional)

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