Devotional December 6, 2015

Week of December 6, 2015

The word Advent comes from the Latin verb advenire, which means "to come toward, to draw near, to approach." During Advent, we remember and celebrate God's drawing near to us in Jesus Christ to bring us a deeper sense of love, hope, joy, peace and grace.  This second week of Advent we focus on deepening hope.


Monday: John the Baptist breathes new life into a passage from Isaiah with which the crowd would have already been familiar. Try to hear these well-known words anew.

Read Luke 3: 4-6

Questions for Reflection and Application

Assuming Isaiah writes metaphorically, what does the filling in of valleys and the lowering of mountains have to do with preparing the way of the LORD?

Can you think of “valleys” that need to be raised in our community? “Mountains” that need to be lowered?

Prayer Focus

Wisdom from on High, let us hear how you are crying out in the wilderness of our lives.


Tuesday:  What is the hope for the mountains?

Read Luke 3: 5-6

Questions for Reflection and Application

As John prophesies to a time of true equality, the message of hope for those in low places may seem obvious. What’s the hope for the mountains?

In what ways in your life do you think you need raised up? In what ways might you need lowered?

Prayer Focus

Sun of Righteousness, come quickly that all flesh might see you together.


Wednesday: Malachi (“my messenger”) wrote of his hope for change during the reconstruction of the Second Temple.

Read Malachi 3: 1-2a

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. No one knows the day or the hour that God’s justice will come. Does this feel like hope to you? Why/why not?  Can it be both a source of fear and hope?

What about the world today will endure God’s coming, that is, where do you already see the commonwealth of God at work?

Prayer Focus

Desire of Nations, let us feel your presence as a comfort in times of uncertainty.


Thursday:   The image of God’s fire has been used throughout the centuries as an allusion to damnation. But consider the difference between a consuming fire and a refining fire.

Read Malachi 3: 2b-5

Questions for Reflection and Application

Has there ever been a time in your life when fire has been a source of comfort or cleansing?

Is there any compulsion, addiction, or habit in your life from which you long to be free?

Prayer Focus

Dayspring from on High, come into the world and heal us.


Friday:  The LORD is pure.

Read Psalm 12: 5-6

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. What does it mean that God’s promise has been purified and refined?

How might this be our source of greatest hope?

Prayer Focus

Emmanuel, Promised One of God, remind us how you have already come and brought salvation among us. 


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