Devotional November 22, 2015

Monday:  Each week during our new series you will be invited to get into a rhythm of loving and serving our city.  Today’s reading gives us insight into the mind of Jesus for the city.  We seek the mind of Jesus as we consider and critique our economic community.

Read Acts 17: 16-17

Questions for Reflection and Application

If Paul was waiting for Silas and Timothy in Santa Rosa, what would distress him about our city?

What are the “idols” of our economic system?

Prayer Focus

God of all nations, give us the mind of Christ to consider anew our community economics.


Tuesday: The Athenians hear Paul out.

Read Acts 17: 18-21

Questions for Reflection and Application

How do the Athenians greet the new religion of Paul, a foreigner in their midst?

In the past week, what has been the tone of our national dialogue on welcoming foreigners, particularly those of a different faith background? What might we learn from the Athenians?

Prayer Focus

God of all people, open our minds to new thoughts and ideas, especially from people who seem to be very different than us.


Wednesday: Who is the Unknown God?

Read Acts 17: 22-23

Questions for Reflection and Application

How is longing for something we do not yet possess part of our economic reality?

How does a sense of scarcity influence the culture of your personal/family life? Your church life?

Prayer Focus

God above all systems, break us of our compulsion to acquire more, and shatter our sense of scarcity.


Thursday:  And best of all, God is with us!

Read Acts 17: 24-27

Questions for Reflection and Application

How does this passage express God’s abundance?

When have you searched for and found God this year? When have you known that God was not far from you?

Prayer Focus

God of abundant blessings, we offer you thanksgiving for all you have given us this year.


Friday:  In God we live and move and have our being.

Read Acts 17: 28

Questions for Reflection and Application

How is God’s preemptive abundance counter the quid-pro-quo normally associated with our economic reality?

How is tithing (church economics) different than the economics of our city?

Prayer Focus

God of this moment, help us spend today living into your abundant love and consider anew how we can use our resources to serve you.


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