Devotional November 1, 2015

Week of November 1, 2015

Continue to practice the rhythm of loving and serving the city.  So far we have focused on the nurturing, social and political communities of our city.  This week we focus on loving and serving the natural world.


Monday: Job faces great loss, and after receiving counsel from his friends, Job questions God. In Chapter 38, God responds:

Read Job 38: 1-11

Questions for Reflection and Application

How is God both mother and father in this passage?

How might you view the natural world differently, in light of the personification of God’s creative acts?


Prayer Focus

Mother-Father God, open our arms to embrace the great preciousness of your creation.


Tuesday:  Finding newness in the midst of grief.

Read Job 38: 16-24

Questions for Reflection and Application

What about creation do you find scary or intimidating?

Where do you see creation in trouble today?


Prayer Focus

God of life and death, open our hearts to face loss with courage.


Wednesday: Creation groans.

Read Romans 8:22-25

Questions for Reflection and Application

How might you and creation both be groaning at this very moment?

What is redemptive about understanding groans as “labor pains”?


Prayer Focus

Ongoing Creator, open our ears to hear when creation is calling to us.


Thursday:  Lest we lose hope, the Spirit intercedes.

Read Romans 8: 26-27

Questions for Reflection and Application

How might you be called to attend to the groans of creation?

How might the hope of the Spirit’s intercession encourage us in our vocation of being better stewards of creation?


Prayer Focus

Holy Spirit, unlock our passion for being stewards and defenders of your creation.


Friday:  If a mountain goat gives birth in the forest…

Read Job 39: 1-8

Questions for Reflection and Application

If much of creation is unknown to human beings, than for what purpose was it created?

We do not know all that God has done, is doing or will do. How might we take comfort in this truth?


Prayer Focus

Great Redeemer, open our minds to embrace the mystery of your everlasting salvation.


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