Devotional October 25, 2015

Week of October 25, 2015

Continue to practice the rhythm of loving and serving the city.  So far we have focused on the nurturing, social and political communities of our city.  This week we focus on loving and serving the natural world.


Monday: Today’s reading is one version of the creation story  

Read Genesis 2:4-25 (The story of creation)

Questions for Reflection and Application

How can you take some time today to delight (enjoy) in some part of creation?

What can you do to express your human vocation to take care of and sustain God’s good creation?


Prayer Focus

Sing praise to the God of all creation.


Tuesday:  Today’s reading is another version of the Creation story.  It is quite different than yesterday’s reading.

Read Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

Questions for Reflection and Application

You were created in the image of God.  How are you expressing that image in regard to being a steward of creation (Gen 1:26, 28)?

Is there some part of the natural world that you are passionate about?


Prayer Focus

Pray for the most optimal use of all of our natural resources.

Wednesday: Celebrate God’s glory and human dignity with this Psalm. Notice how human responsibility is set within the context of delighting in God’s majesty and glory as revealed in the created world.


Read Psalm 8

Questions for Reflection and Application

How might a deepening understanding of how you share in God’s dignity shape your life and vocation (i.e. call to be a steward of the earth)?

 Do you feel more like verse 4 or verse 5 today?  How might that affect your day?  Are both perspectives



Prayer Focus

Give thanks to God for your vocation to be a good steward over the works of God’s hands.


Thursday:  Salvation is not just about us.  It is about all creation finding fulfillment.  Not only will we be restored to our full destiny but nature will also be released from the bondage to decay and in the freedom of glory.

Read Romans 8:18-25

Questions for Reflection and Application

What part of nature is decaying (vs. 21)?  Is there anyone addressing this problem?  What can you do?


Prayer Focus

Pray for an area of the natural world that needs attention.


Friday:  The Bible ends with a new vision of a renewed creation.

Read Revelation 21:1-7

Questions for Reflection and Application

How can this vision give you hope and inspiration to persevere in your vocation to be a good steward of creation?


Prayer Focus

By faith pray into the vision of Revelation 21.  Pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


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