VIM, Friday, Sept 18, 2015

It's the end of our first week in Weed, CA.  Some of us are leaving to go home and others will join us on Sunday, while others still are staying for two weeks.  There are lots of opportunities to work with us on our mission work as we help people rebuild their homes and sometimes more.  It is rewarding work for all of us and yet we remember that it is not about us, but it is about those we are helping to restore their homes and lives after such a disaster as the Boles fire that went through Weed just a year ago.

You will notice that many photos include Mount Shasta.  It's hard to ignore it as it looms so large in the background, and we have gotten to see it in a cloudless sky like today, and also on a blustery and rainy day, as we also had this week.  You could see it from our home sites this week so we are sure it is always a reminder of the majesty of the mountain and of God's creation.