FUMC has completed its initial review of year 2016 pledges to the operating and mortgage funds. The results show a significant decline in pledged income compared to 2015.  Pledges for the 2016 operating fund
declined by $85,636.  Pledges were $585,000 in 2015, but only $499,364 in 2016. This represents a decline of 14.64%. Pledges for the mortgage fund are also down from $133,800 in 2015 to $101,000 in 2016. This represents a decline of $32,800 or 24.51%. 

The decline in 2016 pledged income is the primary cause of the sudden deterioration in FUMC’s financial position. One hundred sixty-one households pledged to the operating fund for 2016:

 40 households that pledged in 2015 did not make any pledge for 2016

 31 households reduced their pledges compared to 2015

 66 households pledged exactly the same amount for both years

 44 households increased their pledges for 2016

 20 households began making pledges for the very first time in 2016.


These figures were presented at the Budget Summit meeting in January and were also presented to the Finance Committee during its January meeting.  The details may change somewhat as some additional households send in their 2016 pledges.


Greg Roth

Chair, Finance Committee



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