Foundation Scholarships

The UM Foundation Board is making every effort to provide scholarships for FUMC students who are college-bound this fall. As always, this financial support reflects the Foundation's pride in our students. We also recognize that high college costs in a fragile economy are causing many families to re-evaluate their investments. The same is happening with Foundation earnings. As always, funds are invested conservatively, and only earnings are spent.


Scholarships are made possible through gifts to the Foundation, most of them given as a celebration or in memory of loved ones. These gifts support our students and remind us of those earlier members who valued education and the future of the church. Money available for 2010 scholarships is limited, and some new guidelines are necessary in order to make the best use of available funds now and in future years. Scholarship amounts will be based on the number of applicants, and recipients will be notified in June. Scholarship criteria include: evidence of a growing Christian faith; potential for future leadership in the church, community, and career; and academic performance.


In addition:

  • Applications will be available in the Montgomery office or on the Foundation web site beginning March 1. Deadline for completed forms is June 1. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Students who have previously received Foundation scholarships for two or more years will be considered after all others have been evaluated.
  • Students who are actively involved in FUMC programs will be given first consideration. Students currently away at school will be included.

New donations for scholarships will allow us to expand this ministry and provide more for each student. Prayers and good wishes from the Foundation will always be in abundance for all students - with no limits or restrictions.