Fair Trade chocolate: guilt-free!

Last year you supported Fair Trade chocolate by purchasing over 2000 bars of Chocolate Minis for Halloween. THANKS! We will have it available again this year. Your order at the Fair Trade table by October 10 will allow us to deliver to you before Halloween. Our price and packaging will be the same as last year: 25 mini bars for $5. Also, Fair Trade chocolate in all shapes and sizes will be available starting about the same time.

chocolate_bars.jpg As consumers, we spend more than 16 billion dollars a year on chocolate alone. Fifty percent of cocoa comes to the US from the Ivory Coast, West Africa—where children as young as five years old are trafficked into slavery and forced to work on cocoa farms.

Help reduce forced child labor by purchasing fair trade chocolate this Halloween.

Support Fair Trade
UMCOR, the General Board of Church and Society and Equal Exchange are encouraging congregations to purchase fairly-traded chocolate or cocoa products through the UMCOR Coffee Project. Supporting this fair trade system through your purchases, allows farmers to earn a stable and fair price for their crops while delivering a fair price to consumers. In addition, fair trade prohibits the use of abusive child labor, and encourages the adoption of safer, chemical-free farming methods. Here’s how you can help:
Buy Fair Trade Halloween Chocolate
Enjoy a fair trade Halloween by purchasing Equal Exchange chocolate minis through the UMCOR Coffee Project.  By doing so, you help leverage fairly-traded products that help promote better lives for farmers in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the United States.  Visit our Fair Trade tables at fellowship events to place your order, or visit Equal Exchange’s Interfaith Store at http://interfaith.equalexchange.com.

Participate in Reverse Trick-Or-Treating
Participate in the Reverse Trick-Or-Treating campaign. This year, encourage trick-or–treaters to pass out fair trade chocolate and United Methodist informational cards to every home they visit. This will help raise awareness about the poverty and child labor problems in the cocoa industry and how fair trade certified chocolate provides a viable solution. For more information about Reverse Trick-Or-Treating go to:

Guilt free chocolate!
The TransFair USA’s Fair Trade Certified label guarantees chocolate is made without child labor.