How do I publicize a church event?

That is not an uncommon question, nor is it a difficult process. There are several ways to “get the word out” about your church event at FUMC Santa Rosa.

If you have never used the church publicity options, it is recommended that you contact the church office in advance of your effort and discuss your ideas with our knowledgeable staff. Here are a few key considerations about church publicity:

Submissions are preferably sent electronically by email to: All material submitted for any of our weekly publications is due by 9 am on Tuesday and will be reviewed at the regular staff meeting that day.

  • Roseleaf articles: Due on the 5th of the month prior to the issue. Please note: anything received later than the 15th of the month cannot be guaranteed inclusion. You may submit items two or three months in advance of the event. Space limitation for each article is 300 words; your writing will be subject to editing.
  • FUMC Website: There are various publicity options on our website. Submit your article with the subject line: Website Submission.
  • Sunday bulletin notices: These space-limited blurbs typically should first appear in the bulletin three weeks prior to the event. Submissions are due by 9:00 am on Tuesday for the following Sunday bulletin.
  • Video slides:  Same instructions as for Sunday bulletin notices.
  • Email Blasts: These are mainly prompted by the church office and are not an option for general church publicity.
  • Social media: For now, all such opportunities are mainly limited to Facebook, but we are developing additional outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. These submissions are being managed at the church office.
  • Bulletin Boards: Most boards are already assigned to various church groups. A few are held available for church use. Posting on a bulletin board needs to be cleared by our Church Business Administrator, Mary Brunet.
  • Banners, posters, flyers are created by the sponsoring organization, and can be added to pre-designated church areas after being authorized by the Church Business Administrator.