Homeless Ministry Task Force, May 25, 2016

Wednesday 25th May

Homeless Ministry Task Force:   ‘Making Hope Possible’

 Present. John, Jenny, Doug. Mary, Peg, Bob, Paul, Norm and Shirley

Weekly meeting  every Wednesday at 1.30 Susanna Wesley House

Welcome Paul O’Rear representing Stony Point Study Group and Norm Hardin representing Trustees

  • Paul and Norm would be responsible for the flow of information back to their group/ committee
  • Paul suggests that if something is worked out for using ST. Point, a plan of 3-5 years would be preferable.

 Things we know/updates:

  • City working on CHAPS proposal for year round shelter
  • City working on declaring that homelessness is an emergency ( which would free up city land and structures)
  • Needs to be legal for us to move forward
  • The proposal is still fluid.
  • Tent/ tiny homes/containers would be temporary/moveable
  • Liked the words - micro community and use of shelterless
  •  Would have 24 hour security provided by all allies
  • Known as a church who cares about homelessness

Insurance- Don Jones

  • Question of whether the activity is just on church land or is a mission - covered either way.
  • Operator or landlord? – Operator
  • Extra cost about $750 per year

May 19th Meeting at SRJC

  • Very positive. Frank Chung Robert Ethington, director of student services, and others shared concerns.
  • $$ funds are available for housing support
  • Students could be used as a resource for construction and neighborhood relations activities
  • SRJC has already built tiny homes as part of SRJC class
  • Next Step to meet with Chancellor  date TBD

May 23 Meeting with Jennielynnn Holmes ( C.C.)

  • C.C. could provide porta-potties, hand washing units, showers
  • Background check as part of new ‘coordinated intake’
  • Subsidize cost of rent.



Future meetings: Members City Council Committee on Homelessness

  1. Julie Combs Friday June 3 11:30 John, Jenny, Shirley Peg, Bob(?)
  2. Jennielynn Holmes, Ernesto Olivares and Tom Schwedhelm date- TBD

FUMC Education

  • Blake and Lindsey message series over summer-  ‘gather’( as Communities of Faith) then ‘scatter”
  • Keep business and education mostly separate
  • Model on Reconciling Community gatherings with more education, discussion and listening.
  • June 9th and July 10thSack lunch Sundays: Possibly have ‘Homeless Talk’, Veterans group or/and SRJC group talk about their issues with shelterless/homeless persons.
  • Create an email list of interested persons at FUMC and community.
  • Peace and Justice = free ads

Would we vote?? With enough education and outreach, we could reach a positive outcome.

To do: REVIEW FIRST DRAFT response to handout questions and concerns.

Look at handouts/downloads: 1.Jack Tibbett’s draft proposal 2.container homes


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Wed, 05/25/2016 - 13:30