Homeless Ministry Task Force, June 1, 2016

Wednesday June 1st

Homeless Ministry Task Force:   ‘Making Hope Possible’

 Present. John, Jenny, Doug, Mary, Peg, Mike, Bob, Paul, Bill, Jennifer and Shirley

Weekly meeting  every Wednesday at 1.30 Susanna Wesley House

Welcome Bill and Jennifer

Discussion about the original Camp Michela proposal from Jim Leddy and Carolyn Epple

  • Still an Illegal camp
  • RV problematic- would not be included
  • Not all folks would want to be part of new camp
  • May be governed in a different way
  • Intake perhaps through C.C.
  • Task Force needs to respond to the original proposal but preferably have an alternate/similar proposal.
  • New proposal would have to meet needs of homeless and our church requirements.
  •  Camp rules need to be followed.

Building Blocks of New Proposal

1.Statement/ Mission

  • Goals- short term, midterm and long term
  • Current focus of this task force is that we are ‘ starting something different’ not including our church’s present homeless ministries.
  • “Tent encampment as soon as possible?”

2. Resolve legality

3. Oversight and Management

4. Costs/Insurance- need to use FUMC insurance

5. Exit Plan


  • What commitment might we get from Catholic Charities? (financial and other)
  • How might we approach neighbors and our church congregation?
  • If CHAPS proposal or ‘Emergency Shelter’ proposals are delayed by City Council or do not get passed, how can we get a compliance agreement?

 Big Picture

Need to change perception of homelessness and strengthen partnership with Catholic Charities throughout congregation (photos, stories etc.)


  • Mary will do an outline of a proposal to be shared and available for input.
  • We will present a recommendation to Church Council in July.
  • Announce monthly gatherings to include different times, locations and presentations. First: June 19th Stony Point 12:30.  and July 10th
  • Many to attend upcoming meetings with city council and others.


Submitted by Shirley Cheal

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Wed, 06/01/2016 - 13:30