Homeless Ministries Town Hall Meeting, Oct 9, 2016

Sunday October 9th Town Hall Meeting

FUMC Homeless Ministries Task Force

Approx.60 present


Opening Statement - Pastor Blake Our relationship with the City and Catholic Charities is important, but is our call as a church?


Opening Prayer - Pastor Blake


Panel: Bob, Mary,Shirley, Norm, Jennifer


Video presentation: The Faces of Homelessness - Norm


Video Clip: FAQ Jennielynn Holmes from Catholic Charities,  talked about the ‘Coordinated Intake’ process.  Which explained who will be the residents and how will they be selected.  




 How would this mission relate to the youth soccer field, and the use of Stony Point for or our children?

  • On far side of campus, also it is important for our children to see mission in action.


What type of housing?

  • Tents, small shelters, or other dwellings as per CHAP agreements


Where will residents find food? How will they cook?

  • Canteen type tent. Propane stoves?  Perhaps donations from Spirit Café.

What have you done to get input from neighbors and school?

  • Conversation with school principal already occurred. School Board scheduled for  20th October, then whole school meeting with Jennielynn  Holmes and Tom Schwedhelm to follow. Also planning meetings with neighbors.


Why not earlier meeting with neighbors?

  • Several hurdles to cross, needed CHAP changes and firm collaboration with Catholic Charities and the City.


Who pays for tents or shelter?

  • Hoping to write grants accept donations and support from Catholic Charities. Peg and Mike Ferrel visit to Oregon to view shelter types.


What is the cost to the congregation?

  • Water and electricity at this point.


Will this ‘initiative’ have an all church vote? Why not open it up to congregational vote?

  • Church Council will decide.
  • HMTF was formed to look into this mission so we will continue to report back to Church Council.


What is the time line?

  • Much to accomplish. ‘Let’s do it right not fast.’  Need first the CHAP decision, then neighbor and school meetings, MOU with Catholic Charities. Decisions about shelter type, physical layout, agreements etc. Report back to church council. Decision. Fundraising and set up.


How does this mission fit into the overall plan for Stony Point?

  • Fundamental mission of church.
  • Serves the needs of the community.
  • Needs change over the years. This mission fits perfectly.


(Note: MOU- will have an exit strategy)


Sanitary facilities?

  • Provided by Catholic Charities. Water for drinking and cooking by FUMC.


If this mission is ‘Christian Outreach’ and we are committed, why not place it right next to church building?  Why locate it next to apartments?

  • Highest ground, privacy by the trees, screening fence, concrete pad.


What about cars?

  • Gravel area adjacent to shelter.  Near the cottage.


What about supervision at night? Who are the gatekeepers? Can we assure the situation is safe at night?

  • Catholic Charities has person on call and roving support to safe parking/camping. Some residents would be hungry for responsibility.  
  • Shelter resident Cynthia is a night volunteer supervisor.  She is willing to talk to group about her experience.



  • Consider some able bodied and  some disabled residents
  • MOU should have guarantee that civil rights will not be violated by Catholic Charities.
  • I had many concerns and questions. All my questions have been answered. I am impressed with what HMTF has done. This mission has potential.

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Sun, 10/09/2016 - 11:15