Homeless Ministries Task Force with SRJC, June 17, 2016

Friday June 17th Meeting to hear proposal from SRJC

Present: Peg, Shirley Bob, Mary, Jennie, john, Paul, Ron, Tim, Ka Lane, Ryan. David, Tony, Steve, Sean, Susan, Paul


Ka Lane Raposa introduced the idea of Micro Community -  with a plan that can be adjusted to suit  church’s requirements.(detailed handout)

  • Some homeless folks in survival mode
  • Important to have social component to any community
  • Catholic Charities recognize need for lower barrier entry
  • Camp overseen by C.C., church, SRJC, City Council
  • Provide a mentor match
  • Need to meet folks where they are and fill folk’s soul
  • SRJC and Frank Chung on board
  • Perhaps pilot program - Julie Combs and Shirley Zane
  • July 19 CHAPP on agenda

Ryan  from SRJC

  • 8oo students without home
  • Homework/ sleeping done in the car
  • He created a homeless task force with Robert Etherington and gives much support to students
  • Meeting with Dr.Chung who suggested need to bring in departments eg. Ag., tiny home, human services and provide curriculum
  • Campus wide initiative would provide  support for micro community pilot program

Sean from SRJC

  • Service learning component
  • Sustainable garden, need to  elevate stature of folks
  • Fuse idealism with practicality
  • Access to student groups and clubs to canvass neighborhood after proper training

Other comments/ discussion points

  • C.S.A. = community supported agriculture      R.O.I. =return on investment
  • Temporary/ transitional housing rather than permanent at this early stage.
  • Need to have much community support, churches, C.C., SRJC. Police, City and County
  • Start with a pilot but never lose sight of bigger picture
  • Check out Delancy Street


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Fri, 06/17/2016 - 12:00