Homeless Ministries Task Force, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Sept.7th         H.M.T.F.       Start 1:30 End 3:25

Present: Peg, Mike, Bob. Shirley, John, Bill, Jennifer, Richard, Norm.



Harold Wallin H.U.T.S.

  • Discussion on feasibility of small H.U.T.S.- are they too small? Need tents for community meeting area/ cooking and storage area etc.
  • Start with H.U.T.S first. Tents always apossibility with funding/ grants.
  • Can we build a community with a small group of 10?
  • Harold willing to have H.U.T.S. on display at Stony Point on 11th. All agreed.
  • Both Harold and AmeriCorps are new partners and allies for this mission.


For Sack Lunch on 11th  H.U.T.S.shelter needs a sign possible wording:

  • Harold Wallen local artist designed this as an example of a possible shelter for the homeless community.
  • 10 of these will be built and funded by America Corps. For distribution and use of homeless. 
  • There will be an AmeriCorps build day on October 22nd.
  • We bring this to you today to show possibilities of alternative temporary housing.


Stony Point meeting with Cynthia Stebbins and Harold Wallen

  • Mary contacted AmeriCorps about specifics of using our land for an AmeriCorps build event.
  • Mary to talk with Trustees.



Meetings Sonoma County Homeless Task Force

  • John met to talk about mental health issues. We might get a list of  local physicians for referrals This could be an important resource for us.


Plan Conversation for Sept. 11th

  • Doug’s team to plan transition from outdoor service to indoor. We will all help.
  • Panel-Mary, Tom, Jennielynn and Norm
  • Mary introduce panel and is mediator.
  • Norm will start with power point about the mission.
  • Jennielynn and Tom to follow
  • Booklet and facts sheet available at back.
  • AV support, 2 hand held microphone- Doug


Security for our shelter-What might this really look like?

  • Catholic Charities 24 on call
  • Allies – schedules presence on site,
  • residence  supervision


  • CHAP changes reviewed. Sent to Jennielynn and Tom.
  • Peg to talk with Camp Michela today at 5.30. to clear any confusions they might have. Will invite group to the meeting Sunday.

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Wed, 09/07/2016 - 13:30