Homeless Ministries Task Force, September 28, 2016

Wednesday Sept. 28th      Present: Bob, Shirley, Richard, John  Meeting  ended at 2:30





  • Meeting postponed- Mary


Sonoma County Interfaith Alliance,

  • Jennielynn Holmes speaker – Safe parking and CHAP. She will be attending CHAP TAC meeting on the  29th and took our list of 4 points to be included on CHAP.


2.Cooking/ heating-propane  approved stoves and patio heaters

3.Types of shelter


  • Some indication that Catholic Charities may fund start up at FUMC  but will need funding for further transitional housing sites
  • Darby Betts grant available next year start at $5000 from Episcopal Church for work with seniors.


Homeless Action

  • To provide grant for porta-potty.  In support of CHAP


Outreach Meetings


October 9th Town Hall Meeting 10:45 Fellowship Hall

  • Mission emphasis in introduction: This church does mission, and encouraged the congregation to get involved in mission. We are called in different ways.   Some will be involved, some more in the background supporting with prayer etc. Perhaps list some recent missions we have been involved with.
  • slide show
  • Q &A based on information from Tom and Jennielynn

School/ Neighborhood Meeting may be together  -

  • Doug in touch with principal
  • Jennielynn and Tom not avaibable 6-14 October or 24-28th October



  • Awaiting build location- Trustess to meet next week.
  • Raising money for build
  • Provided list of materials


Next Steps:

Planning for structures/physical layout

  • Harold has some layout ideas.
  • HUTS seen as bedrooms.  What about communal space?  What about use of buildings for activities/ weekly community gatherings? Large tent with sides for common area?


 MOU with Catholic Charities

  • Richard to contact Jennielynn with regard to process


Thursday 29th Homeless Talk kick off.  We could host Homeless Talk  later.


Tuesday October 11th  City Council Chambers.  CHAP

  • We  need to ensure all 4 points (a. 24/7 b. Cooking/ heating-propane stoves and patio heaters c.Types of shelter and d. Possible funding )are clearly defined.

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Wed, 09/28/2016 - 13:30