Homeless Ministries Task Force, September 21, 2016

Wednesday September   21st     Homeless Ministries task Force.

Present: Doug, Mary, Bob, Shirley, John, Peg, Mike

Start 1:35 End 3:00

Church Council meeting

  • John  presented an update - notes from Sack Lunch passed out, informed group that video recording of the event to follow  
  • It was stated that Church Council will make any decision to our final proposal.
  • Bottom line is : Can this group (HMTF) be supported? HMTF only wants to further the mission of our church.  
  • HMTF wants Church Council’s blessing.

City Council Homeless Policy Sub Committee-Reviewed CHAP  4 points to look out for when item brought to City Council- they were discussed and sub-committee wanted added to CHAP.

1.Cooking as part of the Safe Camping, no open fires

2.24/7 to be placed in document

3.Camping? Tents and other transitional dwellings.

4.What might the available funding source be?


  • Number of residents up to 30 , but could be expanded depending on property.
  • Zoning ordinance will follow as this will be an extension of C
  • 180 days stay with case by case determination. Are folks really working on the plan?
  • Heating requirement - patio heaters


Conversation with Deputy Fire Marshall-Paul  O'Rear

  • Tents seem ok
  • Some concern that structures may raise red flags.  Hoping Harold Waller will follow up on this.
  • Need to meet the needs of fire department/ access etc.
  • Fire Marshall conversation - good first step. 
  • Keep him informed.


Next Large Group Meeting October 9th  10:45-Noon  Montgomery

  • Town Hall Meeting- mostly Q &A
  • Be consistent with answers that Tom and Jennielynn gave
  • Mission focus



Contact Chris Rogers, City Council Candidate - Shirley


Grant Possibilities

  • Episcopal Senior Ministries-?
  • Community Foundation 2017
  • Sonoma Wine Country due Jan. 5th
  • Rotary October 31st
  • Wealthy Women Grant?  Peg


Neighbors/ School Contact -Part of CHAP requirements. 

  • Doug will contact school to find appropriate dates.   Then we will contact Tom and Jennielynn
  • 2nd. Meeting with neighbors. Send additional mailing, similar to safe parking mailing.

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Wed, 09/21/2016 - 13:30