Homeless Ministries Task Force, September 14, 2016

Homeless Ministry Task Force, 14th September


Present: Bob, Shirley, Bill, Jennifer, Doug, John, Paul, Mary

 Start 1:35 End 3:05


 Sunday’s Sack Lunch Conversation

Thrilled with turnout, announcement at service great really impressed with speakers

  • Roseleaf article written after event.
  • Video will be broken up but be available on website
  • Many individual concerns have been dealt with.
  • More people need to hear the conversation. 
  • Town Hall meetings could be possibilities.
  • Some individuals want an all church vote
  • HUTS obviously a big attraction - input readily received by Harold. Plans move ahead for Build Day.


How do we reach those who still have concerns?

  • ‘Player, Payer or a Player” How can we get this kind of support?
  • Do more education, meetings, invite, home meetings.
  • Increase meetings/ gatherings,after services, do not leave hall.
  •  Next sack lunch meeting right after church October 9th

Christ Church, John  Davenport now  invested in Safe Parking Program

Paul went to meeting of new City Council candidates, liked younger candidates energy. Suggested we connect with Chris Rogers



Saturday 17th Church Council

  • Brief update- John


  • Notes from sack lunch meeting,
  • Brochure- needs some fixes with images.
  • Single page proposal 
  • We will also send links to video to all church council members when prepared




  • Mary will meet with trustees Sept 26th -permission to build.
  • Paul to contact deputy fire chief Ian Hardage 543 3500(on Harold’s suggestion) with regard to cooking, heating and dwelling.


Next Steps:

  • Monday  Sept. 19th. 9am. City Task Force on Homelessness.


  • Sunday  October 9th, Montgomery Sack Lunch  Sunday location and time TBDHMTF Conversation


  • Forum at school, neighbors in beginning of October (after 27th Council meeting) – Doug to contact school, Jennielynn and Tom

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Wed, 09/14/2016 - 13:00