Homeless Ministries Task Force, October 5, 2016

Wednesday October 5th

Peg, Mike, Doug, Bob, Shirley, Richard, Mary, Jennifer.




  • Ameri-Corps pre-build approved, need to be off site by Thanksgiving, with possible extension.
  • Another mission project, FISH, presented to Trustees. If at Stony Point may be higher impact than transitional housing. Requested a trustees rep to be part of  future conversation.


Homeless Talk:

  • 70 people attended first meeting
  • SRJC students will correlate results. FUMC will schedule future Homeless Talk.


Sonoma County Taskforce for the Homeless

  • HUTS conversation maybe have 10 small encampments  across the city. Volunteer counselors as support.


City Council Candidates Presentation

  • Tibbetts, Rogers, Oliveras and Combs greatest support for housing and homelessness


Grant from CAB

  • $1000 Grant approved. Bravo to Mary, Doug and Shirley


Outreach meetings

Sunday 9th October 10.45 Fellowship Hall

  • Jim Current- opening ‘ Being Called to Mission’
  • Norm -slide show
  • Video explaining the intake question. Who will we have as residents? How will they be chosen?
  • Mary- moderator
  • Norm, Shirley, Bob and Jennifer to  answer questions



October 19th School/Neighbor Public Forum.  Tom, Jennielynn, Blake Busick

  • Reaching  Out to Homelessness in Santa Rosa- flyer
  • Similar format to FUMC 9th meeting. Blake to lead.
  • Pastors to meet with principal and  superintendent before the event


Sunday November 6th 4pm Stony Point Ministry Center

  • Neighbors to be invited.
  • John, Richard will canvass neighbors



  • October 15th 9-5pm Prebuilt
  • Oct.22 Ameri - Corps  A Day of Service
  • Harold working within fire regulations. Need for sprinklers unknown
  • Folding futon, Creator Foam Store, Vinyl, waterproof 
  • Publicize 22nd event at FUMC 

 Ask Harold what help needed- Shirley


Next Steps.

Group to Plan physical layout.  Bob and Shirley, Mike, Jennifer, Bill (possibly Harold)


  • $140 each for platform base , build Arch type structure.  Fencing and community structure. Water power, battery, lighting.12 volt system.
  • Peg and Mike to visit Oregon to see Eugene's Safe Spot for ideas


Group to work on MOU/ relationship with Catholic Charities.

  • Richard , Paul and Mary  will start now.


Specific rules

  • Norm,  Peg and Richard


Tuesday October 11th City Council meeting.

  • CHAP on agenda all try to attend.


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Wed, 10/05/2016 - 13:30