Homeless Ministries Task Force, October 26, 2016

Wednesday HMTF Meeting October 26th


 John, Shirley, Mike, Jennie



Oct. 2Oth Wright School District

  • Very positive response.
  • Call from wife Sue Jackson of school board member wanting to help.


Oct. 20th So. Co. Continuum of Care-John

  • Funding from county goes through continuum of care.  Recommendation to have representative from HMTF.

 Visit to Eugene Oregon – Mike and Peg visited (report Mike)

  • Clear definition of residents at each ‘safe spot” This division helps form stable communities. disabilities, veterans, single women, 18-35
  • Platforms bases, concrete blocks  then wooden base
  • Curved Conestoga wagon style  shapes with tents inside roof extends to make covered porch.
  •  Intake -30 day trial, stay for 6 months, apply for 3 month extension.
  • City lot used
  • ‘Cahoots Crisis  Assistance’ helping out on the streets dispatched through police.
  • Spare HUT  available for 2-3 days for any emergency
  • Gate locked at night, volunteer resident at each safe spot for security.
  • Each safe spot has a warming building, small propane heaters, carbon monoxide detectors. ,bicycle rack, garden, fire pit.,kitchen tent,stove, sink, chest freezer used with dry ice
  • In Eugene up to 6 HUTS allowed on private or church land. Intake used



October 30th Harvest Festival. 

  • Original and new build hut possibly available.  Flyer available.
  • Sunday Nov. 6th  Stony Point neighbors and R.L. Stevens Families - Doug – Interpreter ( SINCE CHANGED to Wednesday 9th at 6:30


HUTS next steps

  • Who will build and where will they go? John to meet with support groups and perhaps contact Ryan Samsome at SRJC for manpower


Workgroup reports

  • Structure and physical layout will meet Monday at Stonypoint
  • MOU group sent draft to Jennielynn at Catholic Charities
  • Preliminary community rules drafting group- no report




  • Police – let’s talk with them.
  • CC security- 24 hour on call
  • HMTF security first week have person there to secure residents. Shifts?
  • Seek support for others in community and residents



 Long Term


  • Safety for Land/ building Garden will be enhanced due to having residents on land. Mike shared a story to illustrate this.


  • Meals on Wheels possibly could bring meals to residents.


  • Application for CHAP -agreed we should complete this


  • Helen Frater Task Force for the Homeless contacted us with support- Shirley


  • Susan Kniss Hessel Church-conversation to talk about future small community in Sebastopol -Shirley


  • Sonoma County Homes for all Summit- November Thursday 17th need to register.


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Wed, 10/26/2016 - 13:30