Homeless Ministries Task Force, October 19, 2016

Wednesday October 19th

Present:   Mary, Doug, Richard, Bob, Shirley, Norm, John, Paul, Bill


Meeting Reports

Oct. 17th City Council Homeless Subcommittee

  •  City to look into funding possibility for CHAP
  • Find possible city property for CHAP communities



  • Revised booklet for Wright School Board  meeting  October 20th  Blake, Doug, Shirley and Bob to attend
  • Need to include contact information in booklet


October 30th Trunk or Treat Harvest Festival

  • Will Harold be present? Have available complete booklet and flyer about upcoming school and neighborhood meetings
  • Translator needed  for neighborhood meeting - John


 Rewrite page 11

  • Discussion on change then agreed on this wording, “What are we trying to do - create a camp of dangerous, out of control people and then expect your support?"
  • Agreed to keep using keep using the words,” families or people experiencing homelessness”.


 HUTS preparation at Stony Point

  • Build going well with Homeless Action and  AmeriCorps  crews
  • AmeriCorps will remove when needed.
  • Should we try sleeping in them overnight?
  • Still concerns over fire safety


  • Changes were made
  • MOU will be sent as work in progress to Catholic Charities.
  • Mary to look into physical address for fire dept etc.  
  • Paul, Richard and Mary to propose a date to meet with Jennielynn early November.


 Rules Group –ongoing, Norm and Cynthia Stebbins to talk

 Physical Layout Group:

  • All gave suggestions to Bob and Shirley
  • This will help Shirley write a Rotary Grant


  • Letter to editor – Shirley.  Many in community know about FUMC involvement in homeless issues
  • Ruth Circle. Wants representative to talk to group. 14 Novemeber Pat Sandborns House Richard and Paul
  • Board of Trustees Oct 24th Update needed - Norm representative.
  • Awning help formulate plan on installation. Might be permanent not retractable- Doug

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Wed, 10/19/2016 - 13:30