Homeless Ministries Task Force, October 12, 2016

Wednesday October12th Homeless Ministries Task Force

Present: Bob, Shirley, Mike, Peg, Richard, Doug, Jennifer


Name of our proposal

  • Transitional Community  at Stony Point - Decided to use word COMMUNITY not encampment or tent city.


 Also talk about 'those experiencing homelessness’, rather than homeless people.


Town Hall Meeting October 9th

  • notes on website
  •  reached many new people
  • HMTF discussed question and comments and the wording on page 11 in Transitional Shelter brochure. Is  the list of people types seen as insulting? Doug will talk with Norm about this page.
  • Future gatherings- let’s not assume folks know the background of HMTF and perhaps mention other groups who are supporting us.


City Council Meeting Tues. 11th October

  • CHAP approved, great positive energy


 CHOPS-meeting with city council candidates

  • We were mentioned as a Faith community leading the way.
  • Jack, Ernesto, Julie and Chris were impressive speakers.



November Roseleaf  article - John

Landing Page on website needs an overview - Doug and Bill


Eugene Oregon Safe Spot

  • Peg Mike scheduled a tour
  • Eugene group working on plans and specifications


Harvest Festival at FUMC Stony Point 30th October

  • HUTS are available, 1 will be decorated - can use FUMC flat trailer
  • Have side table by HUTS, advertise upcoming meetings. 


RLSteven’s School board meeting. 20th October.

  • Wright School District  office Doug, Blake, Shirley and Bob  5pm
  • Made changes to brochure to shorten presentation. Doug


Need to set meetings for school –Doug in touch with Jennielynn, Tom and Principal


Sunday 6th Neighborhood Meeting 4pm


HUTS build 22nd October

  • Early build started, money seems to be pouring in. Bravo to Harold and his support group.


HMTF Subgroup Updates

Physical Structure group have not met-possibly shipping container for storage.

 MOU group- at request of Jennielynn, Richard will start draft with Mary and Paul. 

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Wed, 10/12/2016 - 13:30