Homeless Ministries Task Force, November 29, 2017

First United Methodist Church

Homeless Ministries Task Force Meeting Notes

November 29, 2017



Present:  Doug, Bob, Shirley, Bill, John, Jennie, Sam, Mike, Peg


*John reported on a meeting with county and Catholic Charities (CC) reps to discuss referral procedures and data sharing.  CC is including our Safe Parking program as one option when participants enroll in the CC Coordinated Intake Process.

*We checked signals on forms, Google telephone registrations, and schedules.  John asked those able to be  back-ups for given nights in addition to their assigned nights to let him know.

*The idea was mentioned to use a video  camera to monitor the lot.

 *It was decided to mark spots in the parking lot for participants.


*The consensus was  that there is much to do regarding homelessness, and that our task force should continue in some form.  We discussed whether the Safe Parking project should meet on its own, apart from the HMTF; it was pointed out that at present Safe Parking and HMTF members are mostly the same group.

*Bill provided a copy of our charter as recorded in the May 14, 2016 Church Council meeting:

"Continue exploring the possibilities and issues raised by the Camp Michela proposal.

If we are not able to respond positively to the initial proposal, how can we help the residents of Camp Michela?

That we take an active role in hosting forums, panel discussions, and town-hall like meetings on the topic to include our church congregation, outside groups, interested community partners and neighbors.

That we continue to develop additional potential partners to form an even larger and broader coalition of groups to create a response.

That we study and explore existing models for solutions.

That we participate in and monitor the City and County progress towards regulating transitional housing options."

*We discussed various ideas about the best relationship of HMTF to other homelessness-related activities in our congregation, with no particular consensus.

*It was mentioned that, with the city's "Housing First" priority, at least one of our future activities should be on more permanent housing.

*The discussion leaned toward our task force requesting recognition as an ongoing committee, with perhaps a name change.

*We agreed to meeting monthly for the next few months, with our next two meetings to be held December 13 and January 10.

*We agreed to study the above charter language and discuss possible modifications to present to the Church Council when we feel comfortable doing so.  We'll  begin this discussion at the December meeting.        


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Wed, 11/29/2017 - 13:30