Homeless Ministries Task Force, November 2, 2016

Wednesday November  2nd. Homeless Ministries Task Force.

Present: Bob, Shirley, Doug, Paul, Jennifer, Norm, Mike, John. Jennifer, Richard, Mary

Presentation for neighborhood meeting November 9th meeting 6:30

  • Refreshments Shirley, Bob and Paul
  • Coffee Doug.              
  • Longer slide show


Church Council:

Focus on mission – how are decisions made about mission?

All have had multiple opportunities for having a 'voice'. 

Final draft stages with MOU


FUMC  Foundation grant due 15th November 

  • materials for platforms 8x10 Paul and  Shirley and Bob


HUTS   Meeting 10-4pm every day while sun shines. Help if you can.


Structure and Physical Layout Group

  • Fencing  approx. 350  feet.  Request from the city.( later amended to 500 feet with large and small gate)
  • Rotary Grant submitted for community/ cooking area.
  • Electricity -. Provide charging station out of weather.
  • CHAP application submitted

MOU  Group  

  • no response yet.  Richard to follow up

Community Rules  Group

  • Let's get ideas together.  Send ideas to group.



 Other –

  • Talk to FUMC insurance agent Don Jones.  Mary will give update on this project.

C.C. has insurance We are property owners not the operator.

  • Susan Jackson phone call experienced support person wants to help. ‘Welfare to Work’ program at Glide.
  • Families on site? Mary spoke to person on phone.


Upcoming Meetings

  • Tuesday Nov City Council 15th Funding for CHAP-
    Thurs. 10th 9am Head of Coordinated Intake Program- John and Shirley will attend to discuss problems
  • Sat. Nov.  12th Church Council Meeting
  • November 17th 8:30 Sonoma County Homes for All


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Wed, 11/02/2016 - 13:30