Homeless Ministries Task Force, Mar 16, 2017

Homeless Ministries Task Force March 16th 2017


Doug, Paul, Bob, Shirley, John, Jennie H., Mary, Richard and Mike



MOU between FUMC and Catholic Charities

  • Richard will make a few changes and will give to Catholic Charities


Meeting Reports


Building Department: Bob and Shirley

  • Fencing height discussion awaiting city response


Julie Combs: John and Jennie

  • For next Neighborhood Meeting contact David Gouin and David Guhin( Planning)


FUMC gathering to discuss future use/plans for Stony Point land

  • Need for one group with representatives for all interested parties
  • Establish a long range team
  • HMTF interested solving housing crisis
  • Stony Point Planning Group also looking at possibilities.
  • Bill Stephens- need to establish criteria and pull everyone body together
  • Meeting on 27th March


  • some were moved this week.


To do:

  • Contact Kellie K- Shirley
  • Catholic Charities H.O.M.E mentor program -Mike
  • Prepare Updated Map -Bob and Shirley
  • Budget for 10 and 20 residents -Shirley
  • Contact Sue Gallagher about city funding- Richard

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Thu, 03/16/2017 - 01:00