Homeless Ministries Task Force, June 8, 2016

Homeless Task Force June 8th

Present Bob, John, Peg, Mike, Paul, Mary, Doug, Bill, Jennifer and Shirley


Julie Combs

  • Notes of meeting sent to all. Obviously we need to clarify Nomadic Shelter/ safe parking wording. Key issues are:  1.year round  2.tents, 3. 24hours 4.not in parking space  Peg will contact Julie to make sure she is aware oif these 4 key points

Veterans  group - Mary

Mary reached out to Jan Shiller to do a 15minutes presentation from Organizing for Action

SR City Council - John

 John outlined draft document being discussed by City Council

  • Speeding up process
  •  non discrimination for voucher holder
  • Tiger salamander studies speeded up
  • Low income housing in all projects
  • Large employers to include housing provision
  • Bond measure for affordable housing
  • Dedicated parcels for affordable units in land trust
  • Creating smaller units, reward developers who  do this
  • Granny units?
  • Consider buying land for low rent housing

Carolyn asked that CHAP program be put on agenda  sooner.

Next week: Shirley , Bob, Mary will attend

Camp Michela Update

  • Leadership changed John and Bonnie kicked out KaLane also left but came back
  • Conversation Carolyn Epple and Susan  Chunco- John agreed to schedule meeting with task force and leadership on camp Michela
  • Jim Leddy conversation: no drug use on property
  • Paul: need different management
  • Mary: low barriers are risky need help from an established entity like CC.
  • Peg: Let's not think we are heading down wrong path with Camp Michela.
  • Mary: Has this information illuminated our path?

Conversation with Jack Tibbetts-  Shirley.

  • Jack very politically connected. Shirley Zane perhaps went on a limb with the tiny house idea. Original plan fell through. However there is $100 thousand available which given a piece of land  could come our way. She is anxious to complete a tiny home project- will want to claim credit. Also SRJC student leaders are meeting with Dr. Chong tomorrow to put forth a plan for  work/ housing cooperative to help provide homes for students. Their eye is on our land, although we will not be mentioned at this point, however they want to at least get support and an endorsement from Dr. Chong. Jack is 99% sure money is available. Shirley and Bob will meet Shirley Zane Thursday. Jack has been working on the homeless issue for a number of years and seems to have great political connections. Agreed that changing wording on CHAPS program is the best way forward and a priority.

Building Blocks–for presentation to Church Council

  • Mission/ Goal: Mary presented a first draft for us to work on
  • Legality
  • Over site/ Management
  • Cost
  • Logistics/ practical detail
  • Exit Plan

June 19th  Sack Lunch Event Planning at Stony Point

Task Force and Veteran group to present

Email sent to

 Etherington at JC

Perhaps contact Rafael or Ryan as rep. from JC for future Meetings

 Publicity:  Roseleaf and brochure. Talk at each committee / gathering meeting.

 Email blast/ postcards

Let’s not forget:

Duane Dewitt advocate for homeless, FUMC community member,offers help.

Steve Mezzanatto wants to help his homeless friends. (Spirit Cafe attendee)


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Wed, 06/08/2016 - 13:30