Homeless Ministries Task Force, June 29, 2016

Wednesday June 29thHomeless Task Force

Present: John. Jenny, Peg, Mike, Bill, Jennifer, Bob. Shirley. Mary. Doug. Paul, Norm

Moment of Silence for murdered homeless poet. Cirak Mateos Tesfazgi


  • June 27th meeting with North Bay Organizing Project - John.   Group is planning to go door to door, to discuss with households any difficulties they may have regarding their housing, possible eviction or rents increases. Every Saturday and Sunday from August 16th for 16 weekends. 2-5pm.
  • June 28th City Council- Bob mentioned FUMC 's interest in homelessness and talked about CHAPP changes being flexible to accommodate various types of dwellings and the 24 hour  need.

 David and Annie from Camp Michela also spoke.  

  • Commission on Human Rights passed a resolution supporting CHAPP changes.  Resolution and representatives will attend City Council meeting on July 19thConversation with Jack Tibbetts after the meeting. Recommendation: 1.Get firm commitment from Catholic Charities 2. Have all support in place to move folks into permanent housing 3.Start small (eg.6 tiny homes on wheels).
  • Peg had conversation with David at Camp Michela and was given statistics on the residents. Residents seemed calm and happy.

Proposal review

Task Force reviewed draft- made corrections and some changes including the need to form a  "Governing Body' to oversee all aspects of any project.

Other proposal issues:

  • Size- up to 20 people (with room for growth)
  • Neighbors will be informed of any proposal and given opportunity for input.
  • We will source funding to cover costs

For further discussion.

Application Procedures: We will use coordinated intake process with Catholic Charities.  We could have a higher filter in MOU with Catholic Charities; need to contact them for input on current requirements, rules, and acceptable behavior for residents. 

**Mary will contact Jennielynn at Catholic Charities.


FUMC input

Outreach and Service, Trustees and Stony Point Study Group were given updates. (19 members)  Feedback from the committees was discussed at length.

July 10th Homeless Sack Lunch gathering will address the following 3 points:

  • Introduce task force members.
  •  Provide more opportunities for input - listen to concerns
  • Give update on task force progress

Discussion followed on how to bring more folks to the table.

(Submitted by Shirley Cheal)

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Wed, 06/29/2016 - 13:30