Homeless Ministries Task Force, June 22, 2016

Homeless Task Force Wed. June 22nd.

John, Jenny, Paul, Shirley, Bob, Norm, Bill, Jennifer, Doug, Mary.


A.June 15th Task Force with Camp Michela-  group fearful, perhaps unable to handle responsibilities, caring, strong people looking for permanent location/ housing

B.June 16th Vice Mayor and Jennielynn Holmes-  positive about providing  transitional housing. Both offered to look at our proposal. No resistance to a 3 way partnership. Want to p-articipate in intake for county services at Spirit Cafe.

C.June 17th SRJC presentation - see separate report. We need to have alliances in from the beginning.

D.June 17th David Cardinas of NBOP- upcoming housing advocacy effort. Group to contact neighbors in August. We may piggy back on that with any FUMC project information.

E.June 19th Sack Lunch (see brainstorming session notes) We got positives. We did not get to the whole picture. When might we? July 10th?

F.June 20th City Council subcommittee on homelessness - confirmed CHAPP on agenda (Community Homeless  Assistance Pilot  Program)

G.Santa Rosa Together will mention our project  to city manager.

H.June 21st City Councuil Meeting Lynn Brown presented  - formed connection to possible tent purchaser.

I.Jim Leddy  phone call   Mary gave him an update


New proposal for Church Council and City council

A . Mission

B. Legality

C. Oversight/ Management

D. Cost

E. Logistics/ practical details

F. Exit Plan

Much discussion and review of document. Thanks Mary and Paul for the extensive outline.


For further discussion/agreement:

  • Size of community
  • How can we involve neighbors in project after it is running?
  • Background check, what do we want?  In camp or out of camp rules?
  •  Fees and rent –offset costs
  • Look for ‘red flags’ in the proposal


Visiting Committees and Groups: Create talking points.

Report to Shirley who will keep the spreadsheet updated.


Set up area perhaps for September at All Church event. Who might do that? Get a tent?

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Wed, 06/22/2016 - 13:30